Hi! You’re obviously lost.
I don’t know why you’re here or how you accidentally opened my page, but to tell you frankly, there’s nothing here.


This little internet space here is dedicated for my life stories from since I was a stupid teenager to now, in my twenty somethings. You can peek inside and watch me grow like a tamagotchi or you can pick up lessons and learn from my mistakes and experiences — Yun ay kung gusto mo mapariwara.

You see, I’ve been maintaining this blog for a long time now, I tried jumping from one blogging platform to another and tried dressing up my blog with a number of different themes, but one things’s never changed all through these years: My voice.
It’s still me, trying to voice out my opinion to an eye who can read between the lines and trying to clearly communicate with you how I had used my short time here on earth.

If you find password protected posts, well, the password shall only be revealed to my bloodline for the post won’t concern you and I am sorry for that.
The posts are categorized according to my age of writing and according to the topic so you won’t get lost easily.
I don’t know if you’ll pick up anything remarkable in this little internet space but I do hope you’ll be able to pass time living life from my eyes.

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