My Bucket List

So here’s what I’ve gathered so far. Not in a particular order.
  1. Graduate on time. : FEU, April 15, 2010
  2. Pass the board exam : August 27, 2010
  3. Have any kind of Visa : Tourist Visa for Dubai, July 2014
  4. Have a working experience as a Nurse
  5. Have my first paying job : English tutor for Japanese
  6. Get my first salary! Kachiiiing!!: Felt like nothing you’ve ever felt!:)  — And then the money evaporates right before your eyes
  7. Learn how to drive!
  8. Get a driver’s License
  9. Buy something I REALLY want from my own pocket : Combat boots, Dec. 23, 2014
  10. Kate graduates from college
  11. Mama’s house gets built
  12. Nanay and Tatay’s things :)
  13. Pay it forward to the people I know
  14. Meet The One ♥
  15. Get married :P
  16. Have children? :D
  17. Build my dream house :)
  18. Buy a car or a motorcycle!
  19. Children graduates (wtf? That’s so far off….)
  20. Learn to play an instrument
  21. Earn my first foreign money ;) : Dirhams ;)
  22. Get out of my house
  23. Visit another country for the first time :) : Singapore
  24. Travel for vacation and not for work!
  25. Reach Rome
  26. A picture under a Sakura in Japan
  27. Camp out
  28. Camp out under the Northern Lights
  29. Invest in something
  30. Get fired :o
  31. Learn how to read the market
  32. Laugh till I cry. (and actually felt like throwing up from laughing too hard):  F.R.I.E.N.D.S Season 6, Episode 7 with Kate; Salary day in Makati when The Boyfriend told me a secret.
  33. Do something stupid : November 15, 2011
  34. Do something outrageous : January 12, 2012
  35. Get reaaally really drunk: The Drunken Experiment
  36. Finish writing a novel
  37. Actually publish a novel
  38. Earn my first million O.o
  39. Earn a real “thank you” for being a nurse
  40. Finish a cross stitch or knit something on my own
  41. Get a tattoo/henna of something worthy/pierce my tongue/Any piercing! : Newly Pierced
  42. Break my heart big time. </3
  43. Make a difference.
  44. or not..
  45. Get a body massage and spa and makeover. :March 2015, Last day off.
  46. Lose someone for the first time
  47. And get over it
  48. Be confined in a hospital : November 15, 2010
  49. Experience genuine happiness and contentment : Since I met him.
  50. Plant a tree
  51. Eat sushi
  52. Extreme sports

I love reading your comments!

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