Circle Island Resort, Bacoor 2014 Review

Circle Island Resort Review and Rates 2014You’re here because you’ve seen Circle Island Resort’s Website and would like to make sure about it’s facilities and cleanliness. Well, lucky for you, this summer 2014, I had the privilege to join The Boyfriend’s family outing at Circle Island in Bacoor. Like you, this is also the first time I’ve heard of the resort so I would like to share my experience and give you tips if I can.


Circle Island Resort has 2 pools. The main swimming pool is large and is actually divided into 5 depths ranging from 3 – 5.8 feet, one of them including an adult slide. The other pool was closed when we went there and was secluded to back area of the resort probably intended for private use only. It was shallow and it has a kiddie slide on one side.

We purchased the 6pm – 6am ticket on a Monday so there were not a lot of people. The shower rooms were clean, and there was a pail and dipper in the restrooms. The only thing  I didn’t like about the resort was that there were so little light at night. Though there were available light sources they weren’t enough to illuminate most parts of the resort. They could probably add more light to give ambiance and highlight the beautiful areas of the resort even at night.


  1. There were push carts available at the entrance for your convenience.
  2. There’s a basketball ring at the parking area.
  3. You can bring your food inside and grilling is allowed.
  4. Clean shower rooms.
  5. Working showers and faucets.


  1. Hard drinks are not allowed and beer bottles has corkage fees.
  2. There were too many cats inside the resort. Sometimes, they rummage through the trash cans, flipping them over.
  3. There were no custodians roaming at night.
  4. The garbage cans aren’t segregated.
  5. Some of the “lifeguards” are rude.

Circle Island Resort Rate: 8/10


How I Met Your Mother Finale Review



If I’m not mistaken, my sister introduced to me the series “How I Met Your Mother”. We had marathons every night just to catch up with the episodes. And now, the series had finally ended, and the fandom had finally made their last laugh with Ted, Lily, Marshall, Barney and Robin.

What can I say? In a nutshell, I’d say..


I know a lot of people had already told their sides and I know that a lot of people (in my timeline at least) are disappointed. So before I had even watched the finale, I was continuously examining what I feel. I know you’ve already read a lot of negative comments and reviews and for me, our world has enough negativity already, so I’d list down the things I LOVED and LEARNED from the season finale of How I Met Your Mother.



1. Ted and Tracy. The whole comedy series was rotating about this one single scene of how they finally met, and I wasn’t disappointed. Sometimes, things doesn’t have to be as loud and obvious to be amazing. The way they looked at each other was magical, a split second awakening that really had an impact on me because words weren’t needed, nothing was supplied but those looks in their eyes were enough, as if saying I’d been through a lot of crappy relationship and I almost gave up, but here you are. Hey, I finally found you. It doesn’t matter where or when or how. When it happens, it happens.




2. Tracy’s death. Shit happens. Even to comedy series’ main characters — and that tells us life. It’s crazy, it’s funny, it’s vicious, sometimes you get things, then you lose them, and there are crappy beginnings, crappy middles and amazing endings and there are amazing beginnings and middles and crappy endings — and that tells us life. If you think about it, Ted and Tracy had their time together and was blessed with two kids. Albeit unmarried at first, they had never left each other, and that again is another reality. You don’t have to be married to stick together, you can have a happy, healthy relationship because you continually choose to have it. And death, death doesn’t end love. Death doesn’t mean you get forgotten or get replaced. You will still remain in the hearts of every people you have touched (and yes, I meant us, viewers).



3. Ted and Robin. I liked them, they were amazing together, but then they wanted us to move on and I did. And now, they’re back together again. Ted and Tracy was perfect together, like a mesmerizing weaving. And nothing could replace that AND I know that the makers, wasn’t hinting on that either. It just means that people’s hearts get broken all the time and there’s no reason to stay broken. People can move on and make themselves happy again. Ted and Robin were a perfect fit, and Ted had always been in love with Robin someway or another and it was just right that they fall back to each other because friendship last longer than romance and love. And that’s what makes them special too.


4. Robin and Barney. Next to Lilypad and Marshmallows I wanted to have Robin and Barney’s relationship. But not all fun relationships and cute wedding proposals end cute and fun — some just end. And also, it shows that ex’s don’t really remain friends, they will eventually drift apart with time. And people, they never change, they just choose what character to show or suppress at one moment — no matter how short or long, but they’re still in there.


5. Barney’s Baby – It was the perfect karma to his playboy life. Getting a total stranger impregnated, something he is gravely afraid of, next to crumpling his suit. It teaches girls to NOT make it your personal goal to change the man you love. He will change on his own, and this change for Barney — having a daughter, will be more permanent. And also, Barney will be truly complete now.


6. Lily and Marshal – They were the rock and conscience of everybody. They are the small beacon of hope, and I love them! Their story shows that some puppy love can sustain itself into a healthy marriage.

And that’s what I think. It might be a very bad ending to some, but it has more truths and realities that most reality TV shows, I think.
But you know what? All in all, 3 days after and I still think the finale is one big April Fool’s joke. Cmon now CBS!

How I Met Your Mother: 8/10


Kabayan Beach Resort Review, Amenities and Room Rates 11.2013

Kabayan Beach Resort is located at Laiya, Batangas and with their flyer on my hands, here’s everything you need to learn about their resort with tips to remember.

Entrance Fee: 100 Php for 12 years and above, 50 Php for 11 below.
Day Tour:
8 AM to 5 PM
3 PM to 1 PM

House Rules:

  1. Corkage fee for all beverages.
  2.  Meals are mandatory for Dormitory and Hotel Type Rooms.
  3. Meals are mandatory for Corporate Outings of over 30pax.
  4.  Bringing of Videoke, Magic Sing and Sound System are strictly prohibited
  5. Gasul, stoves, pots, pans and cooking utensils are not allowed.
  6. Nippa Huts strictly no excess allowed. 15pax – 1,000 per day. 30pax – 2,00 per day.

Ranges from 4,000 (Small room for 2 persons with 1 double sized bed) to 15,000 (For 15 persons, 2 bedrooms with 2 double sized beds each and a double deck bed)


  1. All rooms are air-conditioned
  2. All rooms and cottages have bathrooms with water heaters
  3. Dorm Room guests will have to use a common bathroom
  4. All Rooms and cottages have Dream Satellite TV (except Dorms)
  5. All rooms except Dorms, has a porch with sala, kitchen and dining set complete with utensils, water dispenser and 5 gallon water.

Optional Amenities with Fees

  1. Massage – 300/hr
  2. Kayak – 200/hr
  3. Billarads – 100/hr
  4. Beach Volleyball – 30/hr
  5. Swimming Pool – 100/head
  6. Multi-purpose Hall – 1,800/hour
  7. Souvenir, convinence store
  8. Fastfood
  9. El Kapitan Bar

Our hut, originally priced at 6,500, was given to us at 4,000 pesos, along with free use of the pool!:) It was in November, the news said a storm was about to enter the Philippines and we were the only ones in their resort. Nice work, eh?
Our air-conditioned room had 2 double beds, Bathroom, porch with kitchen and dining area.
In addition to that we got to smuggle in our drinks and speakers. :)
Just bring your food and you’re good to go!
Before the sun hit the sky, fishermen will be arriving at the beach and there are vegetable stores outside the resort, by the road.


  • Clean bath and shower room
  • Pool
  • Beautiful properly spaced huts with clean sheets, utensils and bathroom
  • Free water with dispenser, refrigerator and stove use.
  • Free big roll of tissue in the bathroom, water heater
  • Nice, accommodating staff
  • Clean spacious surroundings
  • The beach wasn’t deep. 50 steps away and the water was still below my neck — and I’m a short girl.
  • Delicious food
  • Provision of clothes drying rack


  • Expensive foods, though expected. So bring your own!
  • Corkage fee for drinks
  • Cannot bring videoke


  • If they decided to open up a beach bar with night party, it could be better, I guess.
  • And bonfire pits along the beach would be PERFECT at night.

My Rating: As long as you’re not looking for night parties and fine white sand and would just like to chill it out with you family and friends, I rate it a whopping 9 out of 10!
I love this place and I would definitely, definitely visit again! I would recommend this to my friends and family members.
If you have some questions, feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best to answer!:)

Holiday Massage Parlor Review

Neon Massage Sauna

Today is Friday, TGIF..not. I have work tonight, so before my time is up, here’s a quick recap of my day. Today my boyfriend and I finally went out to see each other again. I don’t know, it seem like the time is playing a trick on us because we never get to have enough when we’re together and when we aren’t seems like we have an  eternity of it. Love huh?

He decided to get a massage today so we went to Robinson’s Place with her sister and searched for boutiques where we could get it. We went straight to the Midtown wing on the 4th floor but we found out that most of the spa’s there weren’t offering massages and if there were any, it was too expensive. It that were the only Spa’s there, we’d just opt for Wensha so we’ll get the best value for our money. So roaming around some more, we found the Holiday massage parlor at the Pedro Gil wing, beside Fix. It was alright for 500+ pesos — you’d get a whole body massage + free use of sauna and shower rooms.

I wasn’t able to take pictures because I had no camera or camera phone with me so I’ll just relate them to you.
When you enter the Holiday, you’d have to choose which service you would like to have and pay for it. The receptionist will then give you a key for your locker. You will go to the women’s area and when the door opens to you, an attendant would give you a pair of slippers because you’d have to leave your foot ware at that area. You then will go to the locker area where you’d keep your things and go to the sauna nad shower if you like or just change into your robes (remove the bra ladies!). There’s a big mirror, a hair dryer, lotion and other hygienic products. There’s a water dispenser and there was also coffee, I think?
Any how, we went to the massage area. There were massage tables in one big room, the lights were dim and relaxing music was on air. We were let to decide which table we would  like to use and they made us remove our robes and lie face down on the table with a thin blanket over us.  After a while, the masseuse  arrived and let me chose if I’d like it dry or with oil and if I like Efficascent or baby oil.
Okay, on to the massage.

There’s no easy way to say this, but I didn’t like my massage at all. I think I got the newbie. *sobs*
The pressure is not uniform sometimes she gets really hard on my legs that I squirm and she uses her thumb a lot. I had a massage before and I know that when you get a massage you’re supposed to feel relaxed and about to sleep and not focused on how painful it is for you. I told her to tone it down a little, twice, but she’s still inconsistent with her pressure. She must learn how to use her palms sometimes, especially when she’s just maneuvering me. Sometimes, I wonder if she’s going to leave a bruise. Not only that, but her massage is different from the massage of the other therapist because I can hear the  other one doing a tapping sound. I wonder if they go through the same training or they just do whatever they know. Even my sister knows how to do it better. We were taught about this in nursing school so I know the difference, all she know is Effleurage, no Petrissage whatsoever. The last thing I’d say before it turns into a full on rant is that she doesn’t do the same routine of massage on my arms or legs. It’s frustrating. Do you know how it feels when you get your left arm massaged and the right arm doesn’t? It feels incomplete and unbalanced. And when the massage was finished, guess what? She gave me a paper and said that if I wanted to give her a tip, I should just put the amount in the paper. How am I supposed to react? It was more of a request than a question because she handed me the ballpen and paper already. Not wanting to embarrass her I gave her a tip (you’d pay this at the receptionist on your way out).

  • For the overall score of the facility: 9 out of  10 (Some locker doors and locks were broken)
  • Friendliness and helpfulness of the staff: 10 our of 10
  • Masseuse: You decide.

I would definitely come back there with more time on hands so I could try the sauna.
I hope I’d get a better masseuse next time. My boyfriend and her sister seemed to have got the same service from their therapists about inconsistency.

But before that, Wensha!

A Secret Affair (2012) Movie Review

Secret Affair Poster

After visiting our dead today, my mother, sister, lola and I went to watch A Secret Affair starred by Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsey and Andi Eigenmann. Actually, I didn’t have high hopes for this movie because I have already seen No Other Woman starred by Anne and Derek — this I actually liked, and thought that making a movie with the same actors and genre can’t be good. And I was right. Well, it was hard not to compare the two movies because the story was somehow the same in some ways, but my judgement is about the movie alone, not in comparison with the other. The plot is alright, i’ll give them that, but the execution of the movie was lacking some seasoning. It’s like Pork Sinigang — sour but lacking salt or a Chicken Tinola, lacking ginger. The elements are predictable, the acting was too familiar and the scenes are scenes I’ve seen before. If the lines weren’t as cool and quotable I’d give it 4 for effort. [SPOILER ALERT] Also please note that there are too much love scenes so you might not want to watch it with your children. The things I had enjoyed aside from the lines — “Bitch ka lang, super bitch ako”, are the incorporation of networking sites which made it relatable; the way they animated the photos and overlayed the text messages on-screen instead of the usual way of showing the cellphone screen and of course, the ending. I believe that the Filipinos are (finally) learning that not everything ends with a dance number. There was a lesson in the end and the way they have made it clear that infidelity, however sorry you are in the end, is NEVER acceptable so you have to face the consequences; that love isn’t enough if there’s no more trust and that cheating is always a CHOICE.

A Secret Affair (2012): 5/10