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Learning a New Kind of French

French Flag


Aside from french bread, french fries and french kiss, I want to learn a new kind of french — the language. I’m all out to learn this new language and I don’t know how long this would take me, but I am willing to try. Right now, I am trying out this website I have recently learned about – Lingq, and it seems helpful. So far I have learned around 10 words, and that is only because some of them are similar to English words like: langue, grammaire and apprendrez. So to take on this impossible task, I have researched the web on how to learn French and I came up with some tips which I’d like to try.

  1. To label things around the house using French words.
  2. To make a habit of learning the meaning instead of translation
  3. To learn from a French speaking person through talking or chatting.
  4. Allot a time for it a day and try to use it in any way I can.

And I have realized that what better way to learn a new language than start from the very beginning like the way I learned English?
Welcome to nursery for me!
First would be the alphabet and numbers, then shapes and colors. I would try and see if I can go to a language school here, but I doubt that because I’m not sure my mother would fund that, and because I don’t have time for it. I think..
Okay, here’s to babysteps!



Guess what?
I was already walking on thin ice for the out of town thing, and when I have finally mustered up the courage to do so, I went out of my room only to find out that our dog peed on my mother’s bed. She’s angry!
I have no idea how the dog got it. All I know is that I left the door closed! And now, I cannot ask permission anymore because she might still be mad about the incident. What are the odds of that??

Speaking of odds, I a woman called me this morning to ask me about my Canadian immigration application. I have completely forgotten about that because I just applied to try it out, and I thought that it wasn’t true. Now she sent me an e-mail with the application form on it that I was supposed to fill out. I am still thinking about that though.
Now here comes an e-mail about me receiving 250 pesos worth of credit to spend on an online voucher of my choice. I’ve been wanting to learn another language and so I spent it on an online language school. In return, I got 3 months subscription worth a thousand pesos or so. Good deal huh? So guess what language I would study?

Hmm. Is this some kind of a whisper dear Lord? I hope so, because it’s fun talking to you! :)
Well, off to my class now.

Bored and Hoping

Right now, I am actually in the middle of my working hours. I am a home-based English tutor and I don’t have a student right now that’s why I can blog. I can say that whatever’s the task in front me, I can do it and finish it with flying colors. The problem is, I get bored easily so I think, I need to have another job now. It’s fun to have a lot of free time for me to do the things I like, but after some time, it gets lonely. My sister isn’t home to accompany me on movie marathons because she is in school. My facebook, twitter and tumblr is quiet because everybody is either at school or at work too. So, I think, home-based jobs are overrated for a girl in her 20’s bursting with energy, with no children to take care of  and with social needs. I guess, I’ll just be getting my driver’s license while I still have the time and then, go and look for another job. :)

I still haven’t asked my mother about the trip. Every hour my heart keeps sinking deeper and deeper because I really want to go and enjoy my day there. But I cannot get myself to ask my mother because I already know what she’ll say — “No way in hell.” (not in those exact words). And I know that for a fact because if ever I’d have a daughter and she’d ask me if she can go on an overnight trip with his boyfriend, I’d probably say the same — “No way in hell.” (In those exact words). But of course,  I cannot skip trying for permission because I had promised myself that from now on, I’d live my life to its fullest so that when I get old and gray, I’d have a smile on my face while I tell my grandchildren how crazy their grandma was on the prime of her life. :)
So here I am, telling myself that the plan is probably spoiled but is still optimistic about it. I’d negotiate the two days and 1 night to  just a day trip when it comes to it, and just use the other free day of mine to go to a salon and treat myself for a girl’s day out before my birthday. I’m turning 23 this year and changes are about to begin — I hope.


Sailing Away

This is my first ever WordPress post so here I am to welcome myself.
Welcome to WordPress! I hope you enjoy the change you’ve been looking for!
Thank you, thank you..

I’ve been blogging for quite a while now. I could say that some of my posts are really inspiring and helpful but I admit that some of them are not even worth reading. I actually started putting up blog posts on Friendster — those were my jejemon days. Then, because there’s too much public eye inside a social networking site, I transferred them to Blogger back in 2005. It basically has everything on it, like a facebook, where I update, vent out and even share things I’ve found on the internet. It ran for how long I can’t remember and then I had to go to college so I got busy and posted less over time. Then there was facebook which was a total hit for me, but like Friendster it has too much people it it. But then, I met Tumblr. I had loads of fun in there and I actually like posting there. Until of course my friends also learned about it and my mother started reading it — so I had to run two blogs. One for myself where I can totally speak my mind, and the other, for the curious ones. It was swell for me, I had the best of both worlds. Until one day, I realized that I wasn’t enjoying it like the way I enjoyed it before. Back in those days when I didn’t have readers and my blog posts don’t see sunlight, I had loved writing. Now, much like everything else in the internet, I was pressured to attract attention of my readers and impress my followers. I started opening up my blog for advertisers and I started to sell space for them. I would’t lie to you, there’s nothing wrong or unpleasant with it. It was amazing how much I can get paid doing just that — writing. It was like getting a cent for breathing and my blog posts paid for some of my stuff, including my own domain. It was an awesome life. But like always, things starts blowing it’s horn, indicating departure. I never thought I could get fed up with it, but change just blows your house down into bits, until you find that you have nothing in there anymore to keep or even lose.
And so I had to go and start a new place to write on. And this represents a lot about my life. Much like a painter starting on a new canvas or a songwriter getting a blank piece of music sheet. I feel that I needed something new and start somewhere else. Do you get these feelings? Do I make sense?

I don’t want to be forced to write or write good. I don’t want to feel that I have to work for a like or a share or money. I like to write because I have something to say and not because I must say something. And I feel like our society is turning into a big popularity contest and it’s unhealthy. It’s not fair to have a politician just because he’s popular as much as it’s not fair to judge which people are better based on likes.

I am grateful that I made this decision and I am actually starting to feel the energy boost it gives me. I feel that I have to live up to the name of my blog, And that pressure to win a contest between you and yourself is always healthy. The challenge to be a better person with a better life is always a good thing and because of that, I’d be starting today. In three days I’d be having my birthday and 7 month anniversary with my boyfriend, and so I have this plan to get out of town with him. I’ll be gathering up my courage to ask permission from my mother in hope that I could enjoy a couple of days somewhere nice. I highly doubt she’d let me, but who knows. Good luck to me, I guess.

Well, there goes my first post!
Here’s to everlasting happiness, here’s to change.

Don’t Read.

First things first. I have my period right now so please bear with me?

  • I feel so bad, I don’t know why. I feel hot and nauseated.
  • I’m hungry and I would like to eat at World Chicken right now. 
  • For days, I’ve been thinking of fusing my Tumblr and Blogger blogs into one WordPress blog and I’m 70% heading to that direction. Still on the process, but I’ve been changing my mind bank and forth on it. I feel like I need something new.
  • My baby Sachi is in heat and I have no frackin clue on how to breed dogs. But we’ll get there. And you all will witness it.
  • I’ve been on the process of doing duties I’ve been planning. I am now waking myself up at 9 in the morning and I started cooking too! Blog post about it is to follow.
  • I have no energy to blog right now. All of these things are on my mind’s drafts. 
  • I hate bleeding monthly. But I like it. 

Ugh. Sorry, that’s two minutes of your life you can’t get back now.