A 20 something Pinay optimistically wandering through life’s metamorphosis and one day wants to be a full time mother, an accomplished author or a business tycoon. The fun part is, the path she’s traveling now, leads to none of those.

Fast Facts:

Name: Cherry F.
Age: 20 something
Birthday: October 18
Location: Beautiful island of the Philippines
Occupation: Nurse in the morning, superhero at night (Except Sundays and holidays)
Likes: Irony, parallel universe, alternate reality, mysteries of the deep blue sea, the outerspace and baby animals
Dislikes: People, long lines, sesquipedalianists and bathing.


Jotting Down Life
This blog was born out of change. I am in a moment of my life where things aren’t quite going to where it was “supposed” to be  and I felt that I was losing a crucial part of myself — the ME part. I have a Blogger and a Tumblr and both had served their purpose in my life, but now I feel that I just have to move on. I don’t know where this blog is going, but I feel that this is a scary alley I have to pass through, much like my decisions in life right now.

Now wasn’t that dramatic? Aside from being too emotional about a mere detachment of a dead leaf from a tree, I am also a bubbly person who loves to laugh and make sarcastic remarks to make people laugh.  I might seem quiet and shy around people I do not know, but that is only because I am very observant. It may be an annoying quality for most, but it’s quite amusing for me to learn about a person by simply observing the way she looks at people, the way she acts or the way she talks. I couldn’t explain it into words even if I tried but I can catch a personality easily.
I don’t like to confine myself into one persona and that’s the reason why I am flexible with everything. I can be girly, tomboy, casual, glam or a downright wreck. I can enjoy Eminem and enjoy Bach with the same enthusiasm. I can eat street foods on our first date and you can fly me to Paris on the next, it doesn’t matter because I’d enjoy both. I like making crafts and building things. I like poems and paintings. I am an INFP, I think that can summarize a lot about me. I have this thirst for life and everything it has to offer. And I hope, as I age yearly, I can still look back here and at least smile.


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