Of Lazy Days

I’ve been staying at home for a while now, I’ve mastered the art of laziness.  My patient’s still in London and my office status is “On Call” so here I am, waiting for a call if they have an emergency shortage of Nurse. I have a straight PM duty for for nights before I finally tuck away the scrubs as I welcome my 20-Day Leave! Yipeeeeee!

To start off, I just bought Cobone coupons for Moroccan Bath, Massage, Herbal Body Wrap, Haircut, Hair color and lowlights and Hair Keratin, Shoulder Massage, Nail Polish, Facial and Eyebrow Threading. 

Oh yeah, I have a major pampering to kick off my annual leave. I cannot wait!

Also, I cannot wait because February 22 will be a memorable day for me. I’ll tell you more about that next time. :)

So, that’s what’s up with me here right now. Aside from all the things I’ve ranted to you about my new room, everything’s still afloat and I’ve made a few friends to keep my socialization level leveled every day. 

My schedule’s a mess by the way. I will make a calendar one of these days because I need to put my life back in perspective. Okay that’s probably exaggerated. Let’s just say that I want to see if I’m using my day to the fullest potential (I am not) and whether I’m neglecting my hobbies and other interests (I am).

During my free days, I’ve watched movies and finished watching series. I’ve recently given Doctor Who a chance and learned that it’s not my cup of tea and moved on with Sherlock. I love Sherlock in all its forms and I realized that this series is no exception, especially that they are sticking close to the book. I’m also smitten by Benedict Cumberbatch, so yeah, that’s happening now. 

Aside from all of these, there’s nothing major going on so far.

Oh yeah, I’m broke.

Not broke – broke, but broke.

I need to reevaluate my eating habits and probably try to START to save now. I need tickets to go home again and I’ve tucked away nada. So, that and my new thing which I’ll tell you and teach you soon when I get the hang of it. I know how much you love tutorials so I’d probably do that as well. As a clue, this new thing I have is really a grown-upy material and is related to buying and selling, highs and lows. You have an idea? I hope you do!

So there, I just need to manage my schedule then the blogging will start.

See you then!


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