Kabayan Bedspace for Rent

Ahh, the winds of change stirred again. Today, I shall share to you my experience when transferring flats or bedspaces here in Dubai.
As a refresher, I live in a big flat with my aunt and cousins so everything was heaven. I know the people around me, I have food if they cook, the kitchen is big that I can even bake bread, the living room is clean and huge and my bed area is comfortable. I can even work out in our room (I share with my aunt).
But alas, the day came when I had to spread my own wings and fly away from the nest. My aunt decided to go home in the Philippines for good and like a well planned change, the flat was not renewed for another year (long story short, there was a fire on the building ON MY BIRTHDAY and the management became strict with bachelors all crammed up in one room). So December came and I started looking for a new home. I decided to separate ways with them because I’m independent like that. I like to try living alone — which doesn’t bother me much being introverted and all that.
imageBoy, was it hard. There were a lot of vacancies actually, what was hard was looking a place with the perfect balance of cheap rent, proximity to my work pick-up location or even just the transportation, the size of the room, the number of people living in the flat, the cleanliness of the bathrooms, the size of kitchen and the availability of dining area and additional freebies if available. Yes I put them all in consideration. Being obsessive compulsive, I don’t like to live in a dump with nasty roommates.
I ended up with a list of forty five available flats, screened into around 15 (as the other ones are not replying to my inquiries and I don’t want to have business with those kind of people). I had to push my time around as I need to view them all and see for myself. I suggest you do the same because I swear to you, you CAN’T trust the photos. I even inconvenienced my work duty partner because I get late coming to work that I had to extend my work in the morning to make it up to her. It was exhausting. I travel in the morning then go to duty then travel again in the evening. I talk to them and use up all my cellphone load, get lost around and then rush to my work. And with all those efforts, I drop-in only for 5 minutes to look around and inquire and in the end, slash them off the list. I just keep telling myself that I know I will find a home in the end and everything will come to an end.
Alas, December 24, I transferred my things to my new home.
It was a new building, decent house fairly clean room. That’s when I first viewed it.

When I had actually transferred, my bubble burst.

To begin with, the room started to feel crammed when other boarders started coming in with their own cabinets and luggages and things. One of my roommates came from Mars and does not know the meaning of respect to fellow sleeping roommates. The bathroom and kitchen usage wasn’t a problem, I can use anytime I want, but the cleanliness was. I had to clean the entire bathroom on my third day just because I can’t stand the filth anymore AND I bought my own cleaning materials. YUP, Talk about martyrdom. I just told myself, well, I’m lucky God blessed me with extra money to spend so why not make the sacrifice. It was no big deal. The only problem was it was hard for them to maintain the cleanliness. The owners of the flat wasn’t too big on cleaning the kitchen as well so sometimes dirty plates and utensils are left behind attracting roaches. We have a LOT of roaches in this flat and we also have bedbugs now. We tried to tell them the problems we have but the owners were busy with their agency business so they get forgotten most of the time. Speaking of agency business, the house maids they employ from the Philippines stay in this flat as well so it’s noisy and overcrowded most of the time. Sleep is hard to come by when I have my night duty because not only the people inside the room are noisy, but the ones in the living room as well. Shouting around and banging doors. If I haven’t told you yet, this is the right time to tell you that I am sensitive to noise and I’m a light sleeper so what a fantastic combination.
A month had passed now and I had just posted a note on our door to please not slam the doors. The Bathroom will get a schedule of cleaning next time, when I get fed up with picking up hair of my nasty roommates.
I’m just really waiting for The Boyfriend to arrive so we can transfer to a new place. I’m getting to the end of my thread. I don’t want to snap.
To counter all those negative vibrations, I fixed up my space nice and pretty, because well, that’s what I do best. So here’s my little sanctuary in the middle of my crazy sad OFW life.
I hope you have a better experience looking for and living in your new home. :)


My room in the Philippines VS. My “room” in Dubai

We can do this!



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