Whole 30 Log

Day 1: Whole 30 Trial#2

Day 2: Steady day. Feels amazing to just grab pre-cut and prepared food in the fridge. Worth the time I used for prep day. Veggies still crisp in the box.

Day 3: I only bring fruits and nuts at work for my dinner, I need a new plan.

Same food. I don’t bore easily apparently. I need to eat more during dinner as I’ve noticed that I get hungry at night. Not good.

I’ve also run out of spinach and leeks. I will buy them tomorrow.

I’ve tried looking for Tamari, turns out they sell it here in an Organic Grocery, and it’s expensive!

Rocca Salad, Balsamic Vinaigrette and Ghee Chicken



Day 4:

I didn’t quite like the taste but I’m not sure if it’s because of the vinegar or the pepper. I will try again next time.
I also made a big batch of Chicken Wraps (See GoodCheapEats.com). I also failed. :( Turns out, scallions aren’t white onions. Silly me, they are Spring Onions! So they made my mix too onion-y. :( These are the Chicken Wraps, though they look decent, they don’t taste like the way I expect them to. And oh, I changed the mayonnaise to mashed potato just to bind them all. I am not comfortable doing homemade mayonnaise because I’m afraid of the raw egg. Excuse the picture, I was dead tired and still has a morning duty for tomorrow.

My taste buds feels funny today. I feel something bitter at the back of my tongue. I’m not sure it’s connected with anything but I’d just put it out there. Also, the temptations are getting stronger now. My evil self is trying to talk me out of the challenge. I need to stay strong and find foods I cannot fail, stat!

Chicken Traps!


Day 5:

I won’t lie to you, my 5th day makes me nauseated. I had to eat the “chicken wraps” I tried to replicate and I had learned that my throat refuses to eat raw cabbage. I tried. I really did. I just can’t down that much thick and raw cabbage, added to the fact that the fillings inside was a tasteless mound of things. The balsamic vinegar and olive oil did not help because it taste different. Could be the oil. Good thing was, I bought myself a cup of Pomegranates this morning and I still had Cashew nuts so I ate those instead.I had to save some for later though, in case I get hungry later in the evening. Thank God my stomach is shrinking because even a little food can satisfy me now.

Also, I got fed up with Salad. It won’t be long now before I get tired of spinach and egg.

Lessons I learned on Day 5:

  1. Research the ingredients well.
  2. Don’t substitute  (unless it’s bacon. Always sub with bacon)
  3. Taste. Taste. Taste!
  4. Don’t think of Fries or meaty spaghetti or cheesy pizza.
  5. On to pinterest to search for new recipes. FAST.

Damn it I’m going to lose this battle.

I take that back. My patient’s family gave me a baked goodie and I had the courage to not eat it. Granted it’s not my favorite treat, but still, I had the power over food now! Ha!

Day 6:

I woke up late today so I had no time to cook Spinach and Leeks. I just ate two boiled eggs and a banana on the way to work. My lunch was ghee fried chicken — I know, I know, and a small bowl of salad I bought in the grocery store. Satisfying lunch, but didn’t fuel me for long. I had forgotten to put nuts in my bag last night so I’ll just be having Kiwis as dinner for later.

Everything’s A-OK so far. I’m still looking for new recipes for salad because I’m going to be bored with it real soon. Thinking of adding avocadoes or orange to the mix. I’m not sure.

I was invited for a birthday tomorrow. I don’t know if I should go as I probable have nothing to eat there. I don’t  want to break my streak. :(

PM Update:

On  my way home, my friend asked me to come and eat out with her. I hesitated and explained to her that there are a lot of food that I’am not allowed to eat. I ended up eating with her. :) I ate all that I cannot eat in one night! I felt really bad and my conscience is mad at me. But then I asked myself, what is this challenge? I can do it anytime I want and restart, reset, repeat how many times I want. But this exact moment, a little diversion from my routine, a little blessing of companionship could not be replicated, so I forgave myself. Call it rationalization — coz it is.

I made a new rule for myself. Still eat healthy but friends come before food, always. :)


Baskin Robbins’ Chocolate Mousse Royal



Probably wise to ease in food slowly. I got a minor head buzz after eating rice!


It’s been a long time before I’ve written this entry, a whole month had already passed. So here’s a good and a bad news. Bad news is, surprise, surprise, I did not finish the Whole 30 program. There were lots of birthdays and occasions in the middle of the month and I just cannot continue with the strict diet. I tried to compromise and pick up healthy foods as much as I can, but alas, I failed the second trial.

The good news is, after just 10 days, I saw results! Not just me, but my friends as well. Personally, I feel much more energized compared to feeling sluggish before. My sleep was better and I feel like a newly cleaned machine, to be honest. It was hard for me to eat vegetables and protein each and everyday because I got fed up easily with the greens and the dressings I found online. But, even if I did not complete the whole program I lost weight! My jaw and chin was starting to show again (haha). And my uniform was loser — and I haven’t even exercised then! Just imagine if I found the time to exercise while on the program. The damage would have been life changing!

I promise to do this program again. Maybe the next time I’ll get past 20 days, It was a very hard challenge for food lovers like me, but the benefits are all worth the trouble. It has been a month and I just started eating rice and bread again. I almost never touch soft drinks anymore but I let sugar in again. Mostly just for my tea and coffee every once in a while. Soy also made it back with mayonnaise and pasta. I retained some of the routine food like the banana, almonds and coconut chips, the egg and spinach and I incorporate Rocca salad with my lunches to keep my rice to a minimum. It’s really finding the right balance and I am thankful for the Whole 30 for that. I won’t totally give up on it and I will continually find ways to eat healthy and muster the courage to choose healthy foods. I only hope that the weight won’t come back especially now that The Boyfriend, my partner in food crime, will come here in Dubai (finally!). But that’s another story. :)

With all that being said, I am finally closing this Whole 30 Log, and I hope yours went well or will go better than mine. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!



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