Whole 30 Trial#2

Dec 5, 2015
Why did I even consider doing this Whole30 challenge during the holiday month?
Day 1 started today. Yay!
As lazy as I am, I took my recipes on GoodCheapEats.com and worked my way from there. I will show you my grocery list and price of each item when I have the time.

For breakfast, I made Poached egg with Spinach and Leek.


Now, I haven’t tried poaching my eggs before, I had no idea how a spinach look like and I had to google how to prepare leeks, so for me, the challenge had already proved beneficial.

Eating egg with vegetables wasn’t so bad actually. The taste was new to me but it wasn’t as awful as I was imagining. I have to put the eggs much earlier tomorrow when I cook though because the greens almost burned and I don’t like raw runny eggs. Worked out fine.
I also tried this Monkey Salad consisting of banana, coconut chips and cashew nuts. Instead of pure coconut chips, I had found this fruit mix instead. It looks like dehydrated fruits and I thought maybe it’ll make the salad more interesting. It was perfect! Not only because I love bananas, but because it was also so satisfying.



I didn’t expect that my breakfast would fill me up. I have to use lesser fruits on my mix tomorrow because the sweetness was overpowering the other ingredients.

I didn’t drink the Whole30 friendly coffee because I still have to sleep for my night shift later on, so I downed it all with a full glass of water.
I also tried the plastic wrap on the bananas to make them last longer.

We’ll see about that.
I also haven’t found the Tamari yet. No Onion Powder and Celery Seeds as well.
My morning was so busy as I have to prepare all my food for the week!

I had to wash and cut all the greens and prepare the chicken and marinade them in individual plastics. I also learned this freezer cooking on the site. The only challenge with freezer cooking for me is that I live in a shared flat so the refrigerator is always full. When I transfer to another house, I have to consider that.
Dinner was not as magical for me. As I’ve said I tried starting the challenge last month, so I was looking forward to eating salad. Maybe it was because the Balsamic Vinaigrette I made wasn’t stellar. I could only use yellow mustard so the taste wasn’t what I was trying to accomplish. Maybe when I finish the bottle of dressing I’d just go back to the good ol’ Balsamic Vinegar and Olive oil.
The coffee was also devastating. I miss drinking my coffee but I can’t learn to drink this black sugarless concoction mixed with coconut milk. I have to try again, with a smaller cup next time, because my mug of coffee went down the drain today.
My snack for work would be Melons. Diced them up for later.
My day wasn’t bad. It feels amazing knowing that I had no junk food or sugar inside me. All the vegetables I ate today hopefully would normalize my craving and kick my metabolism.
Day 1 complete!

Now, off to work.


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