A Friendly Reminder for 2015

Imagine the people in the 18th Century. They had lives, their own beliefs, rules and principles. They have their own fashion and routines and hobbies. They probably even thought that life will go on that way forever. But it didn’t, didn’t it? Fashion changed, televisions became colored (then became 3D), men and women and black and white became almost equal, some of their ‘norms’ became obsolete, scientific facts changed and politics evolved. The 18th Century died and life went on. You see what I mean by life goes on without you? You have a life that’s different from their set of lives and will be different from the future people’s set of lives. The clock won’t stop, it will keep on changing and evolving. As you were probably not wearing foil on your hover board on the way to work today, 2015 isn’t as futuristic as the past people thought it would be, Maybe the “futuristic” people will arrive not until the year 3000, or on the year 5980 maybe, or maybe it would never come. Maybe people will decide to keep wearing comfortable clothes made of cotton. Who knows? Nobody knows for sure actually. Because the set of lives we have is different from the set of lives from the past and will be different from the set of lives in the future and life will go on with or without you. Now that you have internalized your life apart from the past and future, I’ll introduce to you now a new fact. You might not accept it, but know that it is true: You are nothing. You are one unimportant human being in the sea of humans on your timeline, let alone from the timeline beginning from the conception of the earth. You are like one little ant making yourself worthy than all the other ants of the world combined. You are small, unidentifiable and irrelevant, and if you die today, the people who know you, up to your 5th degree of connections will probably mourn but beyond that, life goes on, same as how a number of people just died right now and you’re there just doing your regular thing today. Still following me? Now that you’ve understand that one fact, I want you to understand another one. It’s cool if your biggest problem is what’s for dinner or if it’s cure for AIDS and Cancer, what’s important is that at the end of the day you are doing what you want and you are happy. It’s amazing if you’re an ambassador for peace or equal rights or whatever it is that society needs right now, or if you’re a forest scout or a coast scout or maybe just like me, you might not be that grand and is a just a good little helper of the earth who’s only contribution is that she doesn’t litter. And that’s good too. The important thing is that whatever you are doing with your life, you are happy and contented with it. Being a good person is a bonus, helping others, making world changes and self-sacrifices they are just bonuses. Being able to affect others as you pass this lifetime is a bonus. Because after 80 years of your existence, when you finally leave the earth, you probably won’t make a dent in the history books. Nobody has a list of all the people who made the right choices or a list of all the people who always passed their assignments on time. There’s only you, how you used your lifetime, the bunch of people who’s going to miss you and that’s it. The word will go on, sooner or later 2015 will just be part of the 20’s. All the people in the 20’s wil be generalized into what they wore then, what were the major events of those years, what were the biggest disasters or when the wars started and ended. You’ll just become one of the statistics. Nobody will make your biography. Nobody will remember you. You basically do not exist outside of your networks. Are you seeing life from my perspective? Do you understand my point from all the facts I’ve presented? The quality of life you are going to live depends on you. What you do with it depends on you. Live it, leave it, do what you want, fuck it, become depressed, have 90 cats, it. doesn’t. matter. You will die and you will be forgotten so might as well, might as well, be happy. Do you grasp what I am telling you right now? There are things that you see around you that you want to copy. There are inputs from other people telling you what to do with your life, how to do this, when to do that. There are ‘cool’ things you want to try and ‘popular’ things you want to buy so you can impress other people scrolling your social networking site. There are ‘norms’ you should follow and ‘stereotypes’ you need to belong to. Fuck ’em. Fuck ’em all. When you die, these people won’t cram next to you inside your coffin. Think about that. They will be up there, looking down on you while you are being lowered down to the ground. Why do they mean too much? Why do you need to do things you don’t want to do to satisfy these people? Do what make you happy. Damn it! I can’t stress this enough. If you want to sleep this Friday because you’re tired of working, do it. If you want to read a book at the coffee shop instead of watching a movie, do it. If you want to buy a Windows phone instead, do it. If you want to eat ice cream at breakfast or pancakes at night, do it. If you want to stay single but people keep badgering you about it, fuck them. Do it. If your friends doesn’t like your partner but he makes you happy, keep him. If you get hurt, own your pain and move on. It doesn’t really matter you guys, we all die in the end. It sounds pessimistic, but it is actually an optimistic point of view. The only difference between us and a Cancer patient who only have 2 months to live is that he knows he will die while we are still denying it. I will repeat. 1. You are not important. 2. You will die. 3. You will be forgotten. 4. Do what makes you happy. 5. Fuck the rest. If you still can’t see it. Just take a moment to watch this short gif. Enjoy! Ciao.

Sorry if my thoughts are all over the place.
Hope you got some of it though.


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