Your Boyfriend


Dearest Boyfriend,

This is the perfect time for me to make a 30 Day Letters Challenge dedicated for you. To tell you the truth, I don’t know where to begin so I’ll just jump right in it.

They say, one day your life will be divided into two — Before you met him, and after you met him.

The first day I heard your voice on the other line, I knew that you’re going to have a special story in my life. I wasn’t mistaken. If you think about it, since then, my brain started storing facts about you non-stop up to now. You even have your own special file cabinet. I wasn’t surprised by that, what surprised me was the amount of me you’ve developed. You became a massive cocoon that ushered my holistic development. And to look back from that simple voice call to this day, it is really overwhelming. I cannot find words that could supplement enough my love and thanksgiving to you. You taught me how to be what I have to be and showed me how to become the best version of myself.

To the eyes of others, we are just a couple the same as everyone else. We have our cheesy moments, we post cheesy pictures and send cheesy messages, but we know that’s not the truth. We cannot be any more different from each other. You and me are always on the different end of the ruler. We have different views in life, we have different beliefs and different background and history and that made it all interesting. It’s fun to hear the other side of the story to view things from a different angle. You showed me the other side and introduced me to my dark side. You taught me how to be brave and to learn how to fight. You taught me how to go against the current and you taught me how to speak whatever’s on my mind. There’s nothing really that can sum it all up so every time I think of you, I just thank God.

Remember that photo of ours? How could you not. That was our first photo as a soon to be couple. You did not know it yet, but I knew before the day would end the big change was coming. It was overwhelming really to watch you, watch us together that day thinking that this is it, this is him. It’s like you’ve been looking all over the place for missing object you cannot even remember and you’ve finally found it. That very moment I realized that God gave me the go signal and saw the sign right in my hand my heart leaped. It feels like your father, finally allowing you to go your dream concert. I can still vividly remember it. I will never forget that day. That was the day.

I can only hope that I have done the same to you for there’s no better way I can think of to give back. Now that we’re on a crossroad, I know that we are in for a very hard and long time, but I know in my heart that we can survive this, hand in hand. I can survive anything as long as you’re beside me because you are my light and my rock here on earth next to the Lord. And I love you and where ever I’d be I will always love you. Through whatever hardships and sacrifices I will love you and if the circumstances will bring us through a hard storm, I will love you even more. That’s all I can offer you. My pure, liquid love and everything else that’s connected to that. When I love, I do love hard and that makes it harder when I fall to my face. And the truth is, no matter how scary that is inside my mind, I am ready, because what you are to me and what this is that we have, is going to be worth it.

You told me that in our relationship, we are holding each other’s hands and with our other free hands, we are holding on to God. And that’s the only perfect thing one man could have ever told me. And I don’t know how long God will lend you to me, but I hope it will be longer than what we hope for. And if not, then I’d still be thankful that we have met. And if I leave the earth with your heart still in my hand, don’t be restless my love, continue with your life and change another girl’s life. I know we will see each other again not on this timeline, maybe some other place, some other time. We will find each other, like a think you’ve been searching for that you can’t even remember.
I know, we will always find a way back into each other’s gaze.



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