How to Authenticate your FEU Diploma and TOR

Today I had finally mustered the courage to process my “red-ribbon” (attestation) requirements and so I dragged my ass off to Morayta. Besides the sweltering heat, I always enjoy visiting my Alma Mater even just for a quick walk to the registrar. The first thing I had observed is that the lady guard at the gate that day was very pleasant! Kudos to that. Second was that you won’t be allowed to enter without your Alumni ID so I was told to proceed to the Visitor’s Lounge. You had me at Visitor’s Lounge, FEU. The VL is located near the BPI, if you were thinking e-learning (nursing students 2010), yes it is located exactly there. Where the old e-learning classroom is located now,  I am not sure.

Upon entering you will be given a form you have to fill-up, stand in line and submit any ID and then, stand in front of a webcam so the guards can capture your image (so they can send it to local TV networks in case you’re a fraud planning to rob students).  After that, proceed inside.

It was overwhelmingly nostalgic to walk around the campus. It was enrollment period so there were some tables set up for uniforms, etc. I also passed by “ate xerox” who still manages the photocopy machines in the corner. The pavilion was empty, perhaps because the majority of chairs were scattered around the campus for the enrollment process. Another thing I had observed was that the enrollment process already has a process. When I was entering as Freshman a hundred decades ago, I was totally lost. There were no posters provided for the steps and there were no arrows or maps on where to go next, so seeing these different improvements made me somewhat proud.


I then went to the registrar and asked the guards on where to fall in line and was pointed to the longest, most obvious one along with the other students. It was ironic to sit among those sea people, some students were about to enroll and there were students about to claim their diplomas, and then there was me, a hundred years away in their future.

As I was preparing my documents, my photocopy of TOR and Diploma, I realized that I had (stupidly) left my original copies at home so I sat in there devising an excuse if I can push through the authentication anyway. As my mind wandered, the group of students beside me caught my attention. They were talking about what other documents would they need to claim. The other one was saying “That’s it? Does that mean I’m done? Wow, I would never return to FEU again. This would be the last time to see my school” (I was thinking, yeah, not going to happen), but as I was eavesdropping in their conversation, I can’t help but smile and look back in the days when I thought everything was a straight line from then on forward. I also was very naïve about bumps I would encounter and documents I need to get and processes I have to go through. I saw in their eyes a gleaming euphoria of a fresh graduate, much like the eyes of your favorite TV series character on their pilot episode — full of energy, life and hope oblivious to what lies 9 episodes ahead (yes, I am looking at you, Supernatural). Suddenly I had missed my college friends, some I only know by face, and realized the bold truth that sometimes, whatever shenanigans you and your college friends have faced together, time will come that you will go separate ways and never look back. No matter how close-knit you think you were, you will stop texting and messaging each other and you will feel awkward to start talking to them after all those years apart because as you have guessed, you’ve already fallen apart. Aside from the updates on your sporadic reunions, you don’t know anything about them anymore.


That’s the good thing about FEU, you have nothing else to do after passing your requirements but wait for your claim stubs. They will check your requirements (luckily I didn’t need the original copies!) and attach a small form that you have to process at the cashier.


I need to authenticate my TOR and Diploma so I paid a total of 1,103 Php.
Say what?
YUP. You read correctly (I had also typed correctly) — 1, 103 Php for 5 pages of paper.

Here are the breakdown of fees as of writing (6/3/2014):
CAV-CHED Fee                    – 214 Php
TOR Original copy               – 174 Php per page x 4 pages
+ Documentary Stamps      – 21 Php
Diploma Authentication       – 151 Php
+ Documentary Stamps        – 21 Php
Total:                                    1,103 Php


After I had claimed my receipt, I went back to the line I had previously sat at, way back to the last of the line.
Luckily, a woman started roaming around checking for our receipts and I was lucky that she had readily processed mine — The first shall be last and the last shall be first. She took my documents and the receipt and she gave me claim stub. I had to go back after 3 weeks to then get my DFA claim stub so I can collect my documents all ribboned-up and pretty.


Another day has gone by and another requirement accomplished.
Another day nearer to that date.


24 thoughts on “How to Authenticate your FEU Diploma and TOR

  1. itslizziebaby says:

    hi cerrise,

    thank you for this very informative blog. i also need to get my tor and diploma red ribboned but im out of the country. ;) keep it up!

  2. DJ says:

    Hello Cerrise!

    Your post is very timely! I’m an FEU-IN alumnus too so thanks for this information! I’ll process mine next week.

    By the way, is it possible for me not to claim my ” red-ribboned” documents in FEU but instead they send it to me back in the province?

    Thanks and God bless!

    • Cerrise says:

      You’re welcome!:) After 3 weeks, you have to get the claim stub from FEU. Claim stub lang yun. Nakalagay naman dun sa stub ang claim date sa DFA at yun ang pwede mo dalhin sa DHL delivery courier para isend mismo sa province ang red-ribboned docs :)

    • Cerrise says:

      Hello Uno!

      I am 70% sure na pewedeng ikaw na ang maglakad kasi mayroong ibang schools na hindi nagooffer ng red-ribbon services. So pag kakuha mo ng authenticated documents sa school, pwede ka pumunta sa DFA main branch. Sa mga satellite branch kasi tulad ng sa SM, alam ko hindi silan nagpprocess ng school documents.

      About sa how long and how much ang direct process, hindi ko na alam. You can check the DFA website to know more :)

      Thanks for dropping by!:)

    • Cerrise says:

      Hello Ria!

      Yung sa akin ay pinasend ko lang sa courier. Ibibigay mo sakanila yung claim stub tapos ide-deliver na lang nila sa bahay niyo. :)

      Mayroong kasing ganun malapit sa DFA SM satellite branch nung pina red-ribbon ko din yung mga PRC documents ko kaya sinabay ko na.

      Kung gusto mo directly sa DFA, sa tingin ko sa main branch lang siya makukuha pero check mo pa din sa DFA website, baka may mga updates na sila.

      Good luck :)

  3. Green.Bison'10 says:

    Hi! I’m currently on my way to FEU, I just randomly thought of googling if a fellow Tamaraw blogged how he or she went through the authentication process. To be honest I was expecting a horrible experience! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Myke Paglinawan says:

    hi Ms. Cerrise, i accidentally read about your article and i believe it is very helpful, though it is a year ago since you post this, i have stumbled across this article and must i say, very informative. thank you for your post..

  5. Alyssa says:

    Hello! I just want to ask, what if I have my original diploma and tor with me, pwede na ba yun nalang ang gamitin na ipapa authenticate kesa mag request pa ng new copies of documents? In that case I wont pay 174 per page ng tor na diba? Thank you so much!

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