How I Met Your Mother Finale Review



If I’m not mistaken, my sister introduced to me the series “How I Met Your Mother”. We had marathons every night just to catch up with the episodes. And now, the series had finally ended, and the fandom had finally made their last laugh with Ted, Lily, Marshall, Barney and Robin.

What can I say? In a nutshell, I’d say..


I know a lot of people had already told their sides and I know that a lot of people (in my timeline at least) are disappointed. So before I had even watched the finale, I was continuously examining what I feel. I know you’ve already read a lot of negative comments and reviews and for me, our world has enough negativity already, so I’d list down the things I LOVED and LEARNED from the season finale of How I Met Your Mother.



1. Ted and Tracy. The whole comedy series was rotating about this one single scene of how they finally met, and I wasn’t disappointed. Sometimes, things doesn’t have to be as loud and obvious to be amazing. The way they looked at each other was magical, a split second awakening that really had an impact on me because words weren’t needed, nothing was supplied but those looks in their eyes were enough, as if saying I’d been through a lot of crappy relationship and I almost gave up, but here you are. Hey, I finally found you. It doesn’t matter where or when or how. When it happens, it happens.




2. Tracy’s death. Shit happens. Even to comedy series’ main characters — and that tells us life. It’s crazy, it’s funny, it’s vicious, sometimes you get things, then you lose them, and there are crappy beginnings, crappy middles and amazing endings and there are amazing beginnings and middles and crappy endings — and that tells us life. If you think about it, Ted and Tracy had their time together and was blessed with two kids. Albeit unmarried at first, they had never left each other, and that again is another reality. You don’t have to be married to stick together, you can have a happy, healthy relationship because you continually choose to have it. And death, death doesn’t end love. Death doesn’t mean you get forgotten or get replaced. You will still remain in the hearts of every people you have touched (and yes, I meant us, viewers).



3. Ted and Robin. I liked them, they were amazing together, but then they wanted us to move on and I did. And now, they’re back together again. Ted and Tracy was perfect together, like a mesmerizing weaving. And nothing could replace that AND I know that the makers, wasn’t hinting on that either. It just means that people’s hearts get broken all the time and there’s no reason to stay broken. People can move on and make themselves happy again. Ted and Robin were a perfect fit, and Ted had always been in love with Robin someway or another and it was just right that they fall back to each other because friendship last longer than romance and love. And that’s what makes them special too.


4. Robin and Barney. Next to Lilypad and Marshmallows I wanted to have Robin and Barney’s relationship. But not all fun relationships and cute wedding proposals end cute and fun — some just end. And also, it shows that ex’s don’t really remain friends, they will eventually drift apart with time. And people, they never change, they just choose what character to show or suppress at one moment — no matter how short or long, but they’re still in there.


5. Barney’s Baby – It was the perfect karma to his playboy life. Getting a total stranger impregnated, something he is gravely afraid of, next to crumpling his suit. It teaches girls to NOT make it your personal goal to change the man you love. He will change on his own, and this change for Barney — having a daughter, will be more permanent. And also, Barney will be truly complete now.


6. Lily and Marshal – They were the rock and conscience of everybody. They are the small beacon of hope, and I love them! Their story shows that some puppy love can sustain itself into a healthy marriage.

And that’s what I think. It might be a very bad ending to some, but it has more truths and realities that most reality TV shows, I think.
But you know what? All in all, 3 days after and I still think the finale is one big April Fool’s joke. Cmon now CBS!

How I Met Your Mother: 8/10



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