Stupid Sleepless Night

Time check: 3:18 AM
Alarm time: 4:00 AM

The coffee seemed like a perfect idea hours ago, and now I realized that I’d be welcoming my work later without sleep.
I rode my sick leave for six days due to pneumonia, google it. It freaking hurts, that disease. But now I’m off and well, bouncing off the walls and back into doing stupid things like not sleeping. Yea, yea. I know it’s me being self destructive but I swear, I wasn’t planning on this, I was just wasn’t thinking.
So, tossing and turning around y bed for hours, believe me I had come up with the most magnificent ways to lull myself to paradise, but it was no good. So here I am, typing.
To tell you the truth, my mind works faster during the dusk so I have no problem pouring words into this blank white window. But seeing now that the time for me to write is actually running out (yeah time, now you’re chasing after me!! You sonofabech!) I must go to that thing that actually made me give up trying to sleep and open my laptop.




It’s 4:48 and I’m just out from the shower. Here’s a quick plan, no coffee yet just breakfast then a quick nap on my commute, about 30 min or so then buy loads of coffee and soda and drink them at the hospital at 2 hours interval to avoid crashing.
Whatcha think?



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