Free and Happy

Circling Friday the 13th date on calendar with...

Circling Friday the 13th date on calendar with marker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and it was supposed to be an unlucky day. It wasn’t for me.
I believe in luck and as a very lucky person (fact), I don’t let my self attract bad luck.
It was the last day of my IVT update yesterday and I dodged the half part of it because well, partly it was boring and mostly because I’ve already got the good parts.
Yesterday, I didn’t go home — again, and let myself enjoy the day away from stress. I won’t go into specifics but I could tell you that I did enjoy most of my day. I was a little depressed and I didn’t want to face my house so I didn’t. I’m a quite proud of myself because I didn’t cry for my sadness last night — good or bad?
Either way, I liked it.

It’s the third quarter of the month and I’m still sticking to my first ever New Year’s Resolution — Law of Attraction, Saying YES! to opportunities and Fuck IT! to stress. and it feels great. You know what, I think some people don’t think it’s that great, but you know what? I don’t give a rat’s butt about other people. Not too much these days anyway. I think, if tomorrow, I’ll be lying on my hospital bed, about to die, those people who has a lot to say about what I do with my life won’t be the ones feeling contented — I will. And that’s the truth. I love to celebrate being alive and well and this is how I celebrate it, doing what I like (within the limits of the law) :)
And here I am today sitting in front of my computer waiting for time to pass since I have to work tonight. HMP.

I’ve been planning a lot of things lately. Things that scares me. My mind is going through a lot and I think I should talk to somebody with a more stable thinking than me. If it’s supposed to happen it will happen right?
I’m still waiting for that “thing” I’ve been praying and hoping for and when it comes, I think I’d be able to decide.

On lighter matters, I’m still undergoing preparations for my out of town trip for my birthday next month and I think I’ve found the perfect date. I will request my non-working days tomorrow and start looking for fun itineraries. I’m still not sure of the place but wherever it is, I’m sure it will be a blast. :)

Shit happens and lemons are randomly thrown at us, but life goes on and it’s done before you know it. Wipe off the shit (clean it off you, really) and pick up the lemons, you know what to do with it! — lemon shooters, and let’s drink to life.


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