Salt and Sand Under My Feet



I made a new widget on my sidebar titled “Salt and Sand Under My Feet” and the reason is because a month from now, I am supposed to be in El Nido Palawan. Yes, the picture on the left (or above?), that’s El Nido, a famous Philippine tourist spot. The white sand and clear blue waters. The cliffs the sun and wind. What’s not like?
But the problem here is that I don’t have access to Philippines’ Pork Barrel so, to get by, I need to get around 15K by mid october, which is like asking me to land on the moon by next week.  We all know how much a nurse here in the Philippines scrapes by, and I’m a nurse trainiee.  Accomplishing this task is next to impossible!
So starting today, I’ll do whatever It is that I need to do to keep my pesos. I’ll keep this countdown in my head (and blog) and really try to keep myself from buying things I do not need and buying food I don’t have to eat.

Speaking of food.
I also have a month to lose excess weight.

Oh my.
I have two impossible goals ahead of me – losing weight and saving money.
I have never won against these two, and now these two are against me, at the same time.
Good luck to me.

So, do you have any advice for this poor girl to save money?:(


3 thoughts on “Salt and Sand Under My Feet

  1. maddy0290 says:

    WIsh you lcuk for both your goals… Though I don’t understand why you want to lose weight!! you look sexy in your about me pic!!

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