Never Enough

“We would always want ‘a little bit more'”

That line took me and I never forgot it since.
It’s true though isn’t it? However long it takes to be with the person you love, you’d still want a little bit more. Make it a month. Make it a year. Ten years. A hundred years. And it still won’t be enough.
That’s what I think, It doesn’t matter how long or short, it still won’t be enough. That’s why I absorb everything when I’m with a person I love. They say that writers are good observers, and since I’m a bit of a writer, I’m a bit of a good observer. I silently watch and learn, that’s my special powers.  Every second counts for me because when the time is up, It would still be not enough and I’ll never know when’s the next.
I always stare at him. It’s almost freaking me out. I memorize his face, his features and I’d longingly miss him.  I’d secretly wonder if he looks at me the same way, or if he looks at me at all thinking the way I do. There was this one time that he told me that he did. He said that at that time I was animatedly talking to my friend – I remember this and I honestly had no idea he was staring, and he told me this: “I was thinking, God, I love her”. It was really a shock for me, because I thought those only happens in movies, or books, or my imagination. But well, he never cease to surprise me.
He always exceeds my expectations.
Today, he visited me here at home and we watched a movie with my sister. We didn’t finish the movie though because it was already getting late so he just went home after we ironed my uniform.
5 hours and it’s still not enough. It would never be enough.
My thoughts always wander to that fateful day where I’d end my day sleeping inside his hug or start my day looking at his face. But that’s a year too far if it’s ever going to come, I’d just enjoy this little bits of borrowed time and wait till the time is ripe.

Till then, it will never be enough.
Even then, it will never be.


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