If Only I Could Teach These to Everyone

1. You are always responsible for your own actions. – You can never blame another person for your mistakes and failures. Even if they’ve tempted you, urged you or told you to do it, it still depends on you. We all got choices and whatever you choose, YOU chose it.

2. Do not attach yourself. – To people, especially to things. Your tablets, smartphones and laptops all have special uses and important files in them. Make sure you won’t die if they disappear. And to people, we inevitably meet new people. We also inevitably lose them.

3. Do not fight change. – It’s scary. It’s goddamn annoying, time consuming and emotionally unbalancing. But you must not fight it. Try to dance with the rain and give yourself some time to adjust and eventually, it will be part of your system like it has always been there.

4. Always, always find the bright side. – Make it your habit. Whatever bumps in the road you encounter take your time to see the positive thing out of it. There’s always one in there. Believe me. Be positive in everything and happiness will follow you. If you would choose to believe only one thing from this blog, this is it.

5. Follow your gut. – Do not find reasons for your instincts because instincts kicks in first before the brain starts to figure it all out. Observe this.

6. Respect people’s problems. – Everybody has some baggage on them. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the cure for cancer and the person sitting beside you is looking for a new home to fit in. Everybody is carrying something and for them, it’s as heavy as yours. It doesn’t mean that because a grain of rice is weightless for you, ants aren’t giving effort to lift it.


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