Why are most government employees unprofessional?

The keyword here is “most”. I don’t generalize all government employees, it’s just that I’ve seen and talked to employees that work in government offices and also those who work in private ones.
One example is my experience almost a year ago when I had a bunch of numbers from different hospitals, both private and public, inquiring for job openings.
When I call a private hospital, they would answer my call and inquiries with such poise and business like manner. When I call a public hospital, not only are they impolite, they are also very misplaced, I might as well be calling a household number and not an office.

So what rouses this rant? It’s my hate for unprofessional people, obviously.

Here’s what happened.
I just called the hospital to give a notification since it’s a protocol to call 6 hours before your duty if you won’t be able to come to work. This is my first time to ask for a leave and I’ve heard a lot of horrors before so I was really reluctant to call. But out of fear that tomorrow would be too late, I did.
You see, I have allergic rhinitis and I am allergic to dust. Usually, I wear a mask to prevent this from happening but I forgot to wear one today before cleaning my room, needless to say my enemy awoken. I get watery eyes, runny nose, swollen sinuses, body weakness and sneezes every 5 seconds. I take anti-histamines, my best friend for life, and sleep it off. Sometimes, it’s gone when I wake up, sometimes it’s still there in the morning.

Now you see my dilemma.
If I wake up tomorrow, sneezing, it would be too late to call the hospital and tell them that I’d be absent. So I just called right now and this pretty little witch answered my call with such annoyance that she’s busy and that I’d have to call back later.
I waited for an hour and called back.

Our conversation pretty much went this way

FLOOR SUPERVISOR: Floor supervisor’s office.
ME: Good evening ma’am. Mag no notify po ako. (Good evening ma’am. I would just like to give my notification)
FS: Teka, sino ba to? (Wait, who’s this?)
ME: Si …. po (I’m …. )
FS: O aabsent ka, Bakit? (Why are you going to be absent?)
ME: May allergy po kasi ako ngayon, may allergic rhinitis po kasi ako. (I have allergies right now, I have allergic rhinitis ma’am)
FS: Mukang malinaw naman ang boses mo a? (But your voice sound clear?)
ME: Uminom na po kasi ako ng gamot ma’am. (It’s because I already took a medicine ma’am.)
FS: O, uminom ka naman na pala ng gamot e, hindi kita maintindihan iha! (So you took a medicine already, I don’t understand why you still have to notify!)
ME: Yes ma’am kaso po, usually tumatagal ng dalwang araw yung sipon ko. (Yes ma’am I did, but my runny nose usually takes a day or two)
FS: Allergic ka ba saan? (Where are you allergic from?)
ME: Sa alikabok po. (From dust)
FS: Oh, eh lahat naman ng tao napapaligiran ng alikabok ah?! Teka taga saan ka ba? (So? People are surrounded by dust all the time! Where are you from?)
ME: Sa Male Medical Ward po. (In male medical ward ma’am)
FS: Oh, off mo pala ngayon. Bakit ba inaanticipate niyo agad na aabsent kayo? (Oh, it’s your off today. Why are you people anticipating that you’d be absent?)
ME: Yun nga po ma’am, kasi 6 po ang duty ko bukas, hindi na po ako makakapagnotify. (Ma’am that’s the reason why I’m calling. If I’d call tomorrow for my 6 am duty, it would be too late to notify.)
FS: Inaanticipate niyo agad na aabsent kayo, hindi dapat ganun. O sige, isang araw lang ah. Sa Linggo papasok ka may rhinitis ka o wala. (You shouldn’t be anticipating that you’d be absent. Fine, just one day and on Sunday, you should come to work, whether you still have rhinitis or not.)
ME: Yes, ma’am.
FS: *Hangs up the phone*

I’d been biting my tongue all throughout the conversation, holding my temper. I don’t understand why they are so disrespectful. I know that they are superior that us, but isn’t that a reason to be role models?
And as we’ve been taught a hundred times, we should call hours before our duty and not just feel around whether we can or cannot go to work or worse, manage to go to work sick. And that’s exactly what I did, and she’s going to tell me it’s wrong to anticipate?!
I am really at a loss. I wanted to reason out but I know it’s no use. However I turn the tables, I’d be wrong and she’d be right. I wanted to speak to someone higher than her to tell them that something’s not right in his department. God, if I could just do something!
I swear, next time I will record it and God forbid, I will do things with it.

I don’t know if it’s fatigue or the minimum salary or simply lack of training (or probably breeding) is the reason why these employees can talk like this, but whatever it is it would never be valid.
I hate unprofessional people. I know it’s bad to hate but I do. I really do. They rank high up there, second to liars.

Oh fuck it.


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