Newly Pierced Lobes – Solved

Finally got around my problem!
last week I went to get my ears peirced. The problem was, in the hospital, we are not allowed to wear earrings. The first day, I was foolish enough to think that I can manage through the 8 long hours with my newly pierced lobes unchanged. Sure enough, when I had to put back the earrings again, it was painful as hell.
The succeeding days were alright, I came prepared. I threaded the pierce and changed it regularly when it became soiled. It was time consuming for me though because of all the preparations I had to do to make sure that everything was clean enough. I let the thread in my ear dry the wound enough before I changed it – for the last time.

I had a plan, and now it solved my problem.

I used my gauge 18 IV Catheter, yup the one they use in the hospital which you can buy from medical supply stores.
I put some petroleum jelly to help it slide in and cut the remaining cannula. I did both of my ears and voila!
It’s invicible, it’s safe and the best thing about it? It’s big enough that I can put an earring without having to remove it! :)

There you go guys. A simple tip to those who have newly peirced ears.

You are welcome!:)


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