Day 1


Today, thanks to Nyx, my ever loving puppy who woke me up, I told myself — “Fuck this. I need to just do it!”. So I got off my butt – the real first step, and strap on my running shoes (After I took a bath of course). I just ran for a mile, which I know is just too short for running, but I’m still proud of myself. I’ve been putting it off since the day it materialized inside my head and now I finally had control over procrastination. I know that I’ve been suffering from a chronic condition called BGC (Butt Glued  on Couch) just like the other thousand people out there, so to finally have that snap decision to do something very hard FOR ME is quite energizing. It’s not really the miles that count today, but the pride of winning against oneself.

What finally ticked me off? It was that one moment when a person asked behind my back if I’ve already got pregnant before. I didn’tget mad — though I’ve got friends who already got 2 offsprings and are still fitter than me! I got mad because I let myself get to this point. And thanks to a good friend of mine for telling me that because now I got a bottomless pit of inspiration and drive to get fitter.

I’ve got work with varying schedule five times a week so I’m not sure how I would fit this thing here but I sure will not stop on Day 1.
To everyone who’s in my position, I just want to tell you that the first step is always the hardest. Once you get past the first step, keep putting your feet down.∩__∩


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