Moderation is the Key

I have somehow made a snap decision to make this blog public days ago so if you’re somebody whom I personally know, I’d appreciate it if whatever you’d read in this blog would stay on the four corners of your monitor.
Let’s make my uncensored thoughts a little secret between us shall we?:) What should you expect from this little nook of secrets? Well my talkative brain of course. My rants about humans; my problems and worries; my spur of the moment stories about people who one way or the other affected my life; my dirty little secrets and my alter ego Ava. Please don’t expect superfluous words about politics because I hate politics. Also, please do read between the lines because I like hiding stuff between them. Don’t take much literally, I like to throw in sarcasms and analogies every once in a while. Lastly don’t expect daily updates. I only blog when I feel word vomits coming, so there.
Welcome to my little corner on the world wide web! :)

Post introduction to our new readers, here’s my update.

I’ve fallen back to yoga and it’s just my second day today. I downloaded this app on my tablet and so far it is amazing! I have chosen this 10 day schedule for beginners to loosen my joints and muscles again before moving forward to other advanced poses.
Finding the perfect spot in our house is a little hard, but I found just the place. I chose to do it in my aunt’s living room. It has a wide enough space and a breezy window to boot. I love it!
This new activity makes my day really smooth. I start the day with a light breakfast consisting of a cup of tea and some bread then proceed to do poses. After that, I’d stay calm and relaxed all day! I really need this right now because of all the stress I face everyday, physically, emotionally and mentally. It’s amazing what relaxation can do to your body. I really hope to stick longer this time compared to the last time I did this.
AND I hope that I could keep negativity and negative people well away from me.

And oh! I’m also staying away from junk food and drinks limiting my intake into a couple a week. I’m not really sad about it though because it’s not a forced decision. It’s my conscious choice to stay away from them because I can see in my mind’s eye whenever I see them, all I can see is a pack of salt, 10 teaspoons of sugar in a glass and lard lining my stomach. So yeah. Moderation is the key.

Lastly, my sister and I have been planning to jog for ages! But something keeps coming up — laziness 90% of the time.
Why have I been doing this health related things?!

I’d tell you why when the right time comes and the pictures come out.
I hope to stay motivated till then.

Please wish me luck?:)


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