It’s the time of the month where I feel depressed about everything and nothing at the same time. It’s like when the warm air meets the cold air and give birth to a typhoon (if I remember correctly). Or when two plates have that superiority fight and brings out earthquakes. That’s how I feel. Like two things colliding and ending up wrecking some shit.

I’m almost positive that I’m bipolar. An obsessive compulsive bipolar. A narcissistic obsessive compulsive bipolar. That’s what you get from too much heat ladies and gentledudes.
The heat got me and now my brain cells are all dried up.

I scrolled past a facebook status a while ago which made me roll my eyes.
I don’t know why people get so pretentious to the point of lying. It’s just so funny when they start to come up with ideas on how to get attention and look stupid for doing it. Though yea I understand that sometimes we have the need to impress other people. But there’s a thin line between impressing and bragging and flat out begging for attention.
What the fux wong with people?


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