A Year in the Making

I’m hormonal at the moment that’s why my mind us fucking around with me again. There are scenarios inside my head that I just can’t remove right now that’s why I feel so irritable with everything!
I guess my detective skills are both gifts and curses. Why on earth do I have to read more? I’ve heard the story. I know what happened. Why did I suddenly got that itch to find out more? Now here I am again, wondering and fearing. I hate it.

Next month is our anniversary and I am really excited about it! :) I can’t imagine that it was already a year ago that him and I became official. That was one whole year of love and bickering. Wow. :)

Tomorrow is my day off from the hospital so I have time for errands again, and of course to be with him – my eternal source of energy. ♥

I don’t really have the power to write, because I’m dead beat from my hospital duty. I just went here to read my past post. They calm me a bit.

I guess I have to see you soon.



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