I’m That Girl

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and the reason is because I’ve been busy with my hospital duties and if ever I’m not in the hospital I’m out of the house enjoying my day off from it. 

Now, there are a lot of things you might learn from this blog about the things I go through, about the things I hate, the things I love and the things that makes me tick. But to sum those all up won’t be close to knowing things about me. 

So I’ve dedicated this post for my readers to know the real me.
From all sides, from all faces, from all personas. 

I’m of the female kind, 70% chubby all year round, short  with long straight hair. I won’t go into specifics about my physical self because looks change.

I’m not the kind of person who has a lookbook. I’m not a fashionista or have I ever liked runway fashion. 99% of the time, my clothes depends on my mood and I just grab anything comfortable and I’m good to go. I can be girly, sporty, tomboy or daring. I don’t like to be too accessorized with big collar necklaces or huge dangling earrings. I really like to keep things simple. Though I put on make up (especially when I feel exceptionally gorgeous that day!) I don’t like faking my face too much. I don’t like the idea of a “beauty” that can be washed away with soap and water. 

I’m not a party girl. I drink occasionally, like 3 times in a month, but I don’t go to clubs and bars to dance. I like doing random things like going up a mountain, getting lost in a place I don’t know, strolling along the beach or making fun of sweet couples in the park. Most part of me though likes art. Any form of art. Literary, Visual or Auditory.
I love reading books. If you like to give me a gift, that would be your first back up plan. I like paintings, art galleries and museums. I like to hear classical music and wants to see an opera someday. I like to use music as an exit (or entry), and my playlist vary from Eminem to Michael Buble. I like beautiful things and I like things that make me think.

I love puzzles, I love thinking and I love solving things. I’m at my best when my mind is working out something. I love math, really, but I’m poor in mental computation that I admit :) 
I’m really bad in memorization, which suits me because I like analysation better.

I get easily hurt, I move on as easy. I love really, really deeply but I have my brain with me this time. I don’t get angry a lot and as much as possible, I avoid it. I’m a happy kid and l love laughing (who doesn’t?). You can easily make me smile, if you’re trying. I love surprises and I love small sweet gestures.

I don’t like butt kissing. If I don’t like a person, that’s the end of the story. I don’t mean that I won’t give the person a chance, it’s just that I won’t waste my time mingling with him or her. Though I’ve learned that people change constantly and first impressions rarely last. 

I’m not that different though I’m also not that common. That of course, confuses me. Am I easily relatable or is it harder because I like too many things?


This post still has a continuation, and I know that you know why.
Because people are infinite.


I love reading your comments!

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