My workstation

My workstation

So this is my desktop in my room and you can imagine me sitting there right now typing this blog post.  By looking at this, you might probably deduce that I like pink. So let me tell you now that no, I don’t. It just so happens that I like to paint my room pink, but that doesn’t mean that it’s my favorite color. My favorite colors are violet and yellow. Okay that was too trivial, but whatever. :) I am a creative person and I really like art in whatever form. You can’t see the other parts of my room, but there are a lot of inspirational quotes plastered on my walls. I also like organizing so that’s what the calendar is for. No, that’s no right. The calender is supposed to be used for planning. But I don’t like planning so that’s odd. Anyway, that’s what my violet calendar is for — to remind about the dates I won’t probably forget anyways, because if I can’t remember them, it won’t be written there. :)
To the right of my calendar is the pink headset (no, I don’t like pink). This one is a bit memorable for me because this is the headset I had bought for my job as a home based online tutor. That’s an expensive headset and I love it. The mic is crisp and clear with noise cancelling. The output is amazing for music and the bass just hits the spot. Eargasmic, really. Below the calendar are a lot of things. My To-do and Buy list are hanging there somewhere. I have there photos of me and my boyfriend, my dog, my sister, my boyfriend’s photo when he was a kid (so adorable!) and my graduation picture (basically to remind me that I am a nurse). A ribbon, a small bear, a badge saying “I am for peace” and oh, my self portrait in scrubs (I don’t think you can see it though).
Finally, to the left of my calendar is a piece of something.
That’s my name btw. A wire formed into my name. And that’s the reason why this picture exist.
That, ladies and gentledudes is a piece of something my boyfriend gave me. :) That’s a thick wire mind you and it’s really hard to form it. To see it from a set of an outsider’s eyes, it’s nothing. For me, it’s really a very nice and simple gesture that I appreciate so much. :) The effort he gave while taking his time to make this for me is really heart warming. Imagine him sitting there, just bending away, all the while thinking of me. ♥
I think it completes the design of my desktop. Don’t you? :)

So guys, really, it’s not the price. It’s the effort that counts. You don’t have to buy her expensive things all the time. Small act of gestures will never go unnoticed. I personally like hand made stuff because I’m a creative person. But in general, when you make a girl pick between a handwritten letter and a piece of chocolate, I’d say she’d like both but after the chocolates are all gone, she’d put that piece of paper with your letter on it in a very special place like a letter heaven where all the very valuable letters lay to rest. :)
There, and also in her heart – where all the small gestures are multiplied. :)




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