One Sunny Sunday


My grandfather — whom I call uncle, came to the Philippines for his vacation this January, that is why our house is empty almost everyday. The sad thing about that is that I can’t come with them since I have my hospital duty during weekdays this week.
The good news? They decided to go to Subic today — a Sunday!

Though at first, I almost ended up not going because 1. I was thinking how tiring it would be for me, putting into mind that I have to wake up at 4am the next day. 2. I don’t really go gaga over pools and beaches so I wouldn’t mind getting left behind. 3. I got sad because I wanted my boyfriend to come with us, but was too shy to ask for a +1  4. I wanted to sleep allll daaay looong.
But the thing is, I wanted to come with them this time since I’m always left behind and I also like to go out of town for a change of environment. The argument that won it for me though was when I remembered the New Year’s resolution I made not so long ago, wherein I said that this year I shall say YES!
And so I went.

Thank God I did! It was so tiring yes, but it was worth it. I felt really relaxed even though we just stayed there for a day. We usually go overnight, and I prefer that. It was as if the day would never end and I had totally let go of the hospital and momentarily reverted back to childhood. It’s always fun going out with the family and to laugh and joke with them. When at home, we usually are either inside our own rooms, on the internet or stuck in front of the telly, so I really treasure moments like this. Another thing was that one of my aunties is finally back to the gang! She hasn’t been with us for ages because of a conflict, and to God be the glory, everything is all fine now. We, especially my sister and I, have been waiting for this and now it’s finally happened. It was a really fun Sunday even though I feel like a spaghetti at the moment. It was an amazing weekend and to tell you the truth, it was the best weekend I had ever since I can’t remember! I won’t let the feeling go hoping it would let me get through this week. :)


What’s your best weekend so far?




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