One Day at A Time

A physician visiting the sick in a hospital, G...

A physician visiting the sick in a hospital, German engraving from 1682 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nothing new is going on with my life right now. My schedule for the week is 8 am to 5 pm and I’m supposed to sit down and listen to these things over and over again. Last Friday we toured the hospital and I must say I was rocked. I know it’s a public hospital and I have been expecting it but to see it with my own eyes, it’s really something. Though it doesn’t apply to all, public hospitals here in the Philippines looks somewhat like this:

  1. The smell. There’s always that distinctive smell when you enter the ward. It’s a mixture of strong cleaning solution and sweat. I’m not saying it has to smell Glade nice either, it’s just too pungent for the senses sometimes. Well, I guess we can’t help that aroma because you have to clean it and the cleaning solutions smells so strong.
  2. There are no curtains to separate the beds in the ward.
  3. They have the oldest design of hospital bed. It’s made of metal and you have to manually lift it to change the angle of the head of the bed.
  4. Bed linen and one pillow. That’s it.
  5. No fans installed.
  6. The wall paints are peeling.
  7. Nurse’s station looks cramped and old. The charts are old and overused, the things are old and worn down.
  8. Bedside tables are of the metal kind, with matching peeling paint.
  9. Vital signs paraphernalia aren’t enough for the 40 patients in one ward.
  10. Don’t expect for medicines on time or overflowing cotton, syringes or IV tubings.

I can’t complain or expect anything more. It’s a public hospital. What’s important is how they can make the people well.
It’s just hard for me to switch my gears from a private hospital setting to the public hospital setting. I almost backed out when the tour was done. But it’s a ridiculous idea, of course. It’s just a challenge for me to maximize my skills and an opportunity to learn new things, new ways and meet different people from all walks of life.
I just hope I don’t get burned out too early.

Well, a week of lessons and working my butt again in the wee hours of the morning needs some getting used to.

Let’s just take it one day at a time.


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