Ah, Today I Grew Up a Little

I just got home from a tiring day of errand running.
Today I bought the things I will be needing for my year long hospital training. Thought it’s still lacking some, I had checked off everything on my list so, I feel wonderful! More than that, I feel really fulfilled. Why is that Cherry?
Oh, you might think it’s childish.
But here it goes.
1. Because, I finally went out to do whatever it is that I need to do — alone. Yeah, I know, I’m a 23-year old grown-up and I’m not supposed to feel happy about that fact at all! Well, you know how it is.
Sometimes (most of the time) when I go out of the house to do what I need to do or buy what I need to buy, I have to have someone with me. Of course it’s always Alfred that I tag along but sad to say, today he isn’t available. He’s to watch a concert with her sister so I had to force myself to go out, and I’m glad I did. I tend to get very attached to the hip of my lover sometimes. It’s a sad thing really. I get to be so dependent because that’s how I trust a person. When we go somewhere I do not know, I won’t care. I wouldn’t know where we were or where we were going. When I need to buy something, I’d tell him and he’d decide if I need it or not (money saver most of the time). It came to a point (once in my life) that I was standing all alone (with the other passengers ☺) in a train station and I realized that I already forgot how to function alone. So at that moment, I swore to myself that I would never again let me depend everything to someone. And as it turns out, I was doing it again with my next lover, Alfred! And that gives us #1. And so, I finally went out to do errands all by myself and I was successful.

2. Again, it’s sad that I have to admit this, but at the ripe age of 23, I’m still broke. So I am very pleased to tell you that I bought everything I had to buy with my own money. YEY! I think I shed 3 thousand today. Boink. But it’s alright, it feels good to not ask money from your mother sometimes. I still get everything for free anyways, so it’s all good. Looking back I never bought anything I don’t need so I think I am almost in control of my pocket. I tend to overspend you see. I’m an impulse buyer and I buy things just because they look cute, so I’m glad I’m slowly sorting that out. Well, that’s it I guess for my cellphone savings. I have to devise another plan for my gadget cravings.


Damn it, I spent 3 thousand today??


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