2:20 am

2:20 am on the clock, Swing Swing by All American Rejects on my headphones. I am actually in a bad mood and I cannot sleep a while ago so I just opened my desktop to waste away my time.
I actually like the new interface of iTunes 11. I can’t enumerate everything I love about it, the point is that it was a very good update. In addition to that, I cannot stress enough how one should ALWAYS invest in quality headphones. I almost regretted this one I bought but upon using it for a couple more times, I heard the difference and it was all eargasms every time I need it.

I actually am really close to typing stuff here that could hurt someone, so I’d better stop this post before I do some damage.
I’d just leave you with this statement:

Guys, there’s a thin line. Find that.


— OUT.


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