8th Month

It was our 8th month anniversary today so we planned to spend the day outside together. BUT, my boyfriend got sick so I just went to their house and brought him medicine and things he like. :) Poor boy was so weak and can’t even eat because he vomits a lot, so I forced him to eat even a little and had to eat with him even though I just had lunch. We spent the day together on the couch and it felt nice. :) When he felt a bit better later that day, we went out and bought snacks! I had missed eating Isaw so we went out and got those. We then went to their veranda with our food and had a private moment. He attached his phone to the speakers and our song went on air. It was so cheesy I could almost cry. He held my hands and told me how he loved me and how he wants to prove it everyday. He was tearing a bit because we actually had a fight the day before, and so he confessed his heart to me while our song was playing and while the Christmas lights above us was slowly blinking. It was so romantic and so corny! I love corny. ♥

I was used to receiving flowers, chocolates, dates and the works before and now I see that those things aren’t really necessary. They are fine of course, but they don’t have to be the main event. It should be that one moment you get to be with that person you love and spend time with him, be crazy, corny and comfortable with him. That’s the main event. That moment where you look into each other’s eyes and read each other’s soul and realize the gravity of the fact how much you love this person in front of you. And though our relationship is far from perfect and there are still a lot of things to be fixed, I am happy to be with the person I am with now. I know that we are on the right track.

There are no special moments. Just regular moments with the person you love, making it so special.


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