An Exam, An Interview and A New Idea

I have spent 700 pesos for 9 articles of clothing last night. I am thinking of starting a business with it but I am kind of ambivalent about it. I know that I have a unique idea for my business but right now, since it’s still cooking, I am wondering if I’d fail this one yet again. I am not investing a lot of money in it yet and I hope things will turn out to be fine. Maybe it will be available in December because the online store’s CSS and HTMLs are pain in the butt. I’m learning as I go along and I hope everything will turn out to be fine.

Another update is that this hospital in QC called me for an interview! Oh yeaahh! The problem was it was scheduled the same day as my exam in another hospital. I don’t know why fate loves playing around with me like this. Now I have to decide which one I’d take. I don’t think it’s wise to ask for a reschedule of interview and I might come out choosy. But I cannot reschedule the exam now and I don’t think I will make it in time because the exam might take an hour so that gives me an hour to commute all the way to QC.
Oh myyy. What should I do.. :(

In other news, my schedule for tutoring is almost full today and the work is light, so, yeah. I’d just decide later. Or tomorrow.


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