I’ve been eyeing storenvy for months now. It’s a fun place to sell things and advertise your products and it has it’s own banners like “pre-order” or “sold out” and you’d only have to put in the prices and categories of your products. Basically, it’s automated from browsing to carts so all you have to do is restock.
This week, I have came up with an idea of a business yet again and tried doing my storenvy site.  It’s called Paper Doll!
Let me tell you, it is blowing my mind! For starters, I am not familiar with their HTML and CSS yet. It’s quite easy to understand and I know the basics so I am trying to learn what controls what as I go along. There are a lot of friendly people there who gives help to others and right now, I am learning to customize my “store” from the forums and also from the help of the almighty “inspect element” of Google Chrome. Here’s what my store is on the works and this is how it looks like right now:

My storenvy storefront theme in the works.

I’ve seen stores with too heavy customization and as of writing I am planning to head a different direction. I’d like to keep things simple yet fresh and not stray away from the regular look of storenvy. I’m still contemplating if I’m going to give it a vintage-y feel or not. But only one thing is for sure, I ‘d probably make it into full-on store for teenager and tweenagers who likes fashion. I’ve had tried general selling stores from kids up and now I’d like to try a store for a specific audience. I’m a little excited for this new baby of mine and I hope I get to grow even just until its toddler years. :) I’d update you guys about it when I get the feel of things and of course, share to you how I did it.

This is how my store looks like now as of November 21, 2012:

You can read: How to Customize Your Storenvy Storefront Tutorial here.



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