Rooftop Project

I’m really getting interested in plants lately and I wonder when I can catch my grandmother on our rooftop so I could ask her about a lot of things about plants. I’m currently waiting for our bougainvilleas to grow as right now, the dried out stems are still growing small leaves. I am planning to let them crawl on our rooftop fence but I’m still wondering if that’s wise — or maybe, I’ll make a trellis so it could climb all the way up to make an arch and shade? A girl can dream huh?  Right now, I have a little information on how to make it bloom with flowers and how to guide the vines. So, while waiting for the bougainvilleas, I have to know the name of the other plant so I’d know if I could replant it and make another one.  I wish I had my grandmother’s green thumb! We’ll find out.

So for my rooftop project I must accomplish these:

  1. De-clutter it
  2. Make/Buy a roll-up canvas shade
  3. Buy additional gardening tools
  4. Make a compost using the available empty pots.
  5. Keep the bougainvilleas growing and make a trellis to make it arch above the exit to the veranda.
  6. Put outdoor lights/lanterns/LED lights.
  7. Put outdoor furniture
  8. Make a usable space for laundry and ironing.

I have this majestic rooftop idea in mind — keyword is “majestic”, and I will not stop until we have it. Now, I have to find out how I could solicit money from my family so I could make that dream come true. :) Maybe, I will first have to clean the place and show them that it could actually turn out to be a nice place to stay, instead of looking like an old place to pile on things we use once every ten years. I need help. Maybe I’d bring my boyfriend up there so he could help me move things around and to kill mice and spiders?
Nahh. I am an Amazon woman.


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