Holiday Massage Parlor Review

Neon Massage Sauna

Today is Friday, TGIF..not. I have work tonight, so before my time is up, here’s a quick recap of my day. Today my boyfriend and I finally went out to see each other again. I don’t know, it seem like the time is playing a trick on us because we never get to have enough when we’re together and when we aren’t seems like we have an  eternity of it. Love huh?

He decided to get a massage today so we went to Robinson’s Place with her sister and searched for boutiques where we could get it. We went straight to the Midtown wing on the 4th floor but we found out that most of the spa’s there weren’t offering massages and if there were any, it was too expensive. It that were the only Spa’s there, we’d just opt for Wensha so we’ll get the best value for our money. So roaming around some more, we found the Holiday massage parlor at the Pedro Gil wing, beside Fix. It was alright for 500+ pesos — you’d get a whole body massage + free use of sauna and shower rooms.

I wasn’t able to take pictures because I had no camera or camera phone with me so I’ll just relate them to you.
When you enter the Holiday, you’d have to choose which service you would like to have and pay for it. The receptionist will then give you a key for your locker. You will go to the women’s area and when the door opens to you, an attendant would give you a pair of slippers because you’d have to leave your foot ware at that area. You then will go to the locker area where you’d keep your things and go to the sauna nad shower if you like or just change into your robes (remove the bra ladies!). There’s a big mirror, a hair dryer, lotion and other hygienic products. There’s a water dispenser and there was also coffee, I think?
Any how, we went to the massage area. There were massage tables in one big room, the lights were dim and relaxing music was on air. We were let to decide which table we would  like to use and they made us remove our robes and lie face down on the table with a thin blanket over us.  After a while, the masseuse  arrived and let me chose if I’d like it dry or with oil and if I like Efficascent or baby oil.
Okay, on to the massage.

There’s no easy way to say this, but I didn’t like my massage at all. I think I got the newbie. *sobs*
The pressure is not uniform sometimes she gets really hard on my legs that I squirm and she uses her thumb a lot. I had a massage before and I know that when you get a massage you’re supposed to feel relaxed and about to sleep and not focused on how painful it is for you. I told her to tone it down a little, twice, but she’s still inconsistent with her pressure. She must learn how to use her palms sometimes, especially when she’s just maneuvering me. Sometimes, I wonder if she’s going to leave a bruise. Not only that, but her massage is different from the massage of the other therapist because I can hear the  other one doing a tapping sound. I wonder if they go through the same training or they just do whatever they know. Even my sister knows how to do it better. We were taught about this in nursing school so I know the difference, all she know is Effleurage, no Petrissage whatsoever. The last thing I’d say before it turns into a full on rant is that she doesn’t do the same routine of massage on my arms or legs. It’s frustrating. Do you know how it feels when you get your left arm massaged and the right arm doesn’t? It feels incomplete and unbalanced. And when the massage was finished, guess what? She gave me a paper and said that if I wanted to give her a tip, I should just put the amount in the paper. How am I supposed to react? It was more of a request than a question because she handed me the ballpen and paper already. Not wanting to embarrass her I gave her a tip (you’d pay this at the receptionist on your way out).

  • For the overall score of the facility: 9 out of  10 (Some locker doors and locks were broken)
  • Friendliness and helpfulness of the staff: 10 our of 10
  • Masseuse: You decide.

I would definitely come back there with more time on hands so I could try the sauna.
I hope I’d get a better masseuse next time. My boyfriend and her sister seemed to have got the same service from their therapists about inconsistency.

But before that, Wensha!


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