Where Am I Poking At My Head Now

I have found some youtube videos that are very inspiring today. It talks about money, relationships, goals and anxieties. I have learned that the general practice is to acquire money then spend money, acquire money then spend money, in the end no money is retained to you. The proper way to do it is to acquire money, spend it on something that gives back a profit, spend that excess money. Also not only have I learned the you must not spend too much, but I have also learned that you must not hold tightly of your money like it would never come back and lastly, the one thing I didn’t realize I was doing all the time is giving away money out of guilt or pity — paying for a meal, lending and forgetting money and generally just giving away money and not because I feel generous.

So now, I’ve been signing up to freelance online jobs to sell my skills like speaking in English– which apparently a lot of other people find helpful, Writing, Singing and Dubbing.
I’ve been also looking for ways to invest my money. I see bonds, mutual funds and what-nots but they are all confusing for me right now, also, they all need a large capital which I do not have and so I am thinking of just selling something — the basic investment move.
Also, I’ve been thinking of new ways to earn money, right now I am wondering If I can take elementary students to tutor. If I’d just adjust my schedule, maybe I can fit a student in the afternoon. I dunno.
Last but not the least, I am thinking of the last video I had watched about working effectively. To allot 3 months to work and then get a big break, instead of work weekly and then get a semi-relaxing break and so I’m planning to do that.
Next is that I’ve been trying to study French, I know 12 words already! Yay me! :) Haha I know it’s not a lot but I’m still happy. And because I’m happy, I placed my LingQ badge at the sidebar. :)
I’m still thinking of buying 1Tb external memory from my birthday money, but I’m still deciding whether I’d ask my mother to buy me that. ;)
I also still want to buy printer inks for crying out loud! And start printing stuff for next year’s business. I’m still cooking that, I’m surprised it’s not burned yet.
Lastly, I am eyeing a new gadget. Still thinking of which to buy though but I feel that time will come for that. I swear that when an investment turns out to be a good investment, I will buy my gadget from that excess money. :)

That’s all for now, stay tuned.



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