Sachiko’s Journey to Pregnancy

Sachi is my pet, a 2 year old tiny PomSpitz. She’s such a sweet little dog who wants to get her belly rubbed. When I sit on the floor she runs up to me and excitedly lies down beside me or sits on my lap. When you come inside our house, you MUST greet her and give her attention or else, she won’t stop bugging you. She is playful but very wary of other people and unusual sounds in her surroundings. She waits patiently for her food until you leave her food bowl and when you ask her to sit, she behaves. I love her a bunch and now that she’s going through her first pregnancy — hopefully, we’d all be here for her, making sure she’s fine and well. :)

October 9, 2012
First time I had noticed a drop of blood on our floor, I marked this as her 1st day of heat.

October 20, 2012
I contacted a shooter and we tied her with Toby, our 9 month old PomSpitz. It took around 30 minutes. The shooter was very educated about the entire process. It was hard to see Sachi squirm and squeal because of the pain and I guess she was also scared.

October 22, 2012
Supposedly the 2nd shoot but Toby was too excited he pulled it off and so the shooter decided to do it the next day so both dogs could rest.

October 23, 2012
Successful 2nd tie between Sachi and Toby. I hope there are healthy puppies to come!:) 60 days and we’d have a cute bunch. I’m crossing my fingers.

Shooter said that we should be careful with her since this is her first pregnancy. She might be a sensitive pregnant so no more bathing, walking or rough play for her.


1st week: Her energy is still the same, though her appetite seems to have increased. She’s always waiting for her food once you prepare it, she eats at once once you put it down and she finishes all of it.

2nd week: Her appetite slowed down a little, sometimes she eats a lot. sometimes she doesn’t. She sleeps a lot and she doesn’t tire herself for the smallest things like before. She is obviously gaining weight because her stomach is already as round as her chest. Her nipples are still normal.

3rd week: Now we’re all kinda wondering if she’s really pregnant. The only thing that makes us think she is is that she’s vomiting.

4th week: Her tummy is definitely bulging and her nipples are longer and getting pink. Appetite diminished and energy is decreasing, but still very joyful as she runs and jumps for excitement. I’ve been researching about pregnant dogs, I suggest you too should prepare a lot starting now. :)

5th week: Appetite is back, but eats on intervals. Tummy is softer and not firm as with week 3 and 4.

6th week: Large appetite, easily tired, snappy with noises outside the house and keeps on resting. She’s also looking for whelping place because she’s always sleeping under the sofa which is bad for her tummy. We relocated her in my room, so she doesn’t have to fit herself in a little space. Her whelping box is almost ready. :)

7th week: Same as the above. Her tummy is firmer and her nipples are swollen, she also walks differently now and is gaining a lot of weight. She urinates a little at a time. Meals are increased due to her appetite.

8th week:

December 17, 2012 9:16 pm

Sachi in labor

Sachi was in her jolly ol’ self this morning. Afternoon came and she’s suddenly hid under the sofa. My mother and I was kidding around about her going into labor soon.  You see, she’s always there but this time around, she doesn’t respond even I call her or lure her out with food. I had to move the sofa and fish her out carefully under there. So then I decided to cut her hair once again around her tummy, closer to the skin this time and the hair on her behind. I also wiped her clean and brushed her hair. I then prepared the corner we prepared for her and set up her makeshift whelping box. I put her inside the box, to keep her from going under the sofa, but after hours she’s already getting anxious. She’s pacing around and her pupils are dilated. She started to get clingy that I can’t be out of her sight or else she’ll get out of her  cover and look around for humans. I am sitting on the floor with her now, and she’s digging, crying, panting and shivering a bit… I shall tend to her now because I am getting more anxious than her! To be continued..

December 17, 2012 10:45 pm

She continued her distress for a while but everything went serious when clear mucous were expelled from her vagina. When they said that your dog will look at you while on labor, they weren’t lying. She was looking, staring actually, straight to my eyes. She’s crying a little, looking for reassurance. I stroked her and calmed her down reassuringly. She kept curling herself to the side and was obviously straining, as if she’s going to defecate. After a while, I saw her licking something below her, sure enough, something was bulging! It was a transparent balloon like thing and it doesn’t look like there’s a butt or a head at all. I was so nervous because she’s a week early, though I know that they can be safely born at this moment, I was still worried that something might have gone wrong! The first one went out in a while, she rests, then contracts, rests, then contracts and then it went out, intact with a placenta. She suddenly grabbed it started chewing. The fluid inside burst out and for a moment there, I got scared that the puppy might not be able to breath so I helped her tear the membrane. The puppy wasn’t moving so I wiped its mouth and nose and stimulated its stomach. ALAS! A movement. We were ecstatic! Sachi kept on chewing the placenta until she got to the stomach and then she cut the puppy loose after some time.
She licked her puppy (male) until dry and then, after 10 minutes or so, she got another contraction!

Second puppy came out differently.
She started panting and pacing again and she’d go back to licking. This cycle went on for two minutes, then, one last strain and the puppy slid out. Literally slid out. I guess the membrane broke while it was still inside when she pushed. Now, the placenta was still inside her so the puppy (female) was still attached to her. She started licking and tearing. After 5 minutes, the umbilical cord broke and the placenta went out afterwards. After tending to her puppies, she looked so tired as she lay to her side. She started to close her eyes as if to sleep, but my mother reassured me that she was just regaining her strength. We gave her warm milk which she finished and got back to her pups, which were now nursing. The third puppy, came out like the first one, but this one slid easier now. I let her do it by herself. She chewed the placenta, broke the membrane and umibilical cord all on her own. We were so amazed by how dogs knew. Nobody told them, they didn’t read books or took lessons or watched videos, but they knew exactly what to do. It was indeed a miracle.

12:00 am
30 minutes came and we decided that she was done since she already looks comfortable now and she started drinking some more milk (which she vomited after a while). She can stand but still looks weak. She kept her puppies close to her, cleaning them and keeping them warm. I cleaned her carefully and her whelping box and changed her dirty linens to a very thin comfortable pillow. She now lays with her pups, ever so vigilant, regaining her strength.

Sachi with her new pups!♥ December 17, 2012

Tired mommy with her new pups!♥ December 17, 2012

The next day, around 8 in the morning, we brought her to the vet and the vet gave her oxytocin and antibiotics, also prescribing some other vitamins and drugs.
Now that Sachi is nursing her puppies, she’s always thirsty for milk. She doesn’t drink water a lot so we just give her soup and other flavored fluids. She’s always beside her pups and though she walks around the house or hide under the chair when she’s done feeding and they are already sleeping, she never lets them out of sight for one minute. Everything’s going well now and all of them are healthy, my only problem now is..

What to name them….?


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