A Secret Affair (2012) Movie Review

Secret Affair Poster

After visiting our dead today, my mother, sister, lola and I went to watch A Secret Affair starred by Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsey and Andi Eigenmann. Actually, I didn’t have high hopes for this movie because I have already seen No Other Woman starred by Anne and Derek — this I actually liked, and thought that making a movie with the same actors and genre can’t be good. And I was right. Well, it was hard not to compare the two movies because the story was somehow the same in some ways, but my judgement is about the movie alone, not in comparison with the other. The plot is alright, i’ll give them that, but the execution of the movie was lacking some seasoning. It’s like Pork Sinigang — sour but lacking salt or a Chicken Tinola, lacking ginger. The elements are predictable, the acting was too familiar and the scenes are scenes I’ve seen before. If the lines weren’t as cool and quotable I’d give it 4 for effort. [SPOILER ALERT] Also please note that there are too much love scenes so you might not want to watch it with your children. The things I had enjoyed aside from the lines — “Bitch ka lang, super bitch ako”, are the incorporation of networking sites which made it relatable; the way they animated the photos and overlayed the text messages on-screen instead of the usual way of showing the cellphone screen and of course, the ending. I believe that the Filipinos are (finally) learning that not everything ends with a dance number. There was a lesson in the end and the way they have made it clear that infidelity, however sorry you are in the end, is NEVER acceptable so you have to face the consequences; that love isn’t enough if there’s no more trust and that cheating is always a CHOICE.

A Secret Affair (2012): 5/10


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