Morning Blues of a Woman

My boobs hurt. My lower back hurts. I feel bloated. I get breakouts. I get bruises. And that’s why I get to bitch once a month gentledudes.

Yes, I woke up today with this and its ruining my morning (not so much). I woke up earlier that usual because my friend and I would have our dancing lessons today, now see me run late later. :) No updates for now aside from my boyfriend enjoying his day with his family in Pangasinan today. They went to the Grotto and my boyfriend tells me that it was stunning. I wish I was there with him. :( I wasn’t able to come because they were supposed to leave at 3am today and I just can’t make that call. My mother won’t let me — I didn’t ask though. Oh, we talked last night already. My sister and I pigged out with Big Mac, Large Fries and Coke float and we watched The Holiday starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. She finally started talking to us about the ghost in our house last night x_x. But it was okay. The ice is  broken. So, now, let’s see what else happens — or happens again.

I should be getting ready now. Good morning to all! :)



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