Last night was the worst night so far. Me and boyfriend had a misunderstanding and let’s just say that minds were blown, BUT we made up before sleeping so, no worries. Today, I wasn’t feeling exceptionally well because me and my mother are still not talking to each other. So, I went upstairs and cleaned the rooftop! I was planning to do it for weeks now and so I decided to use my time (and emotions) to keep myself busy. The flowers are my grandmother’s and since she’s busy running our sari-sari store some of the plants are dead already. I did nothing much really, I just cleaned the area and re-potted some plants. I also put a stick on the pot and tied them to it so they’d grow upwards. I also rearranged the pots so the rooftop would look like a decent rooftop instead of somewhere extra plants could sit. Maybe I’d take a picture tomorrow morning because I ended up cleaning until dark. I can’t wait to get a cellphone with a decent camera on it, perhaps somewhere I could Instagram ;), But really, a decent camera would suffice now. Or a laptop. Whew.

Last update, Abby and I would be finally going to the Dance studio to learn Latin dance and Salsa!! I’m so excited, I hope everything goes well and this would be a regular thing for us. I will update you about this. And oh, Darn it, I keep on skipping my Language lessons. Ugh. Maybe I’ll do that later on, now I have to take bath! Ooops. Stinky me. :D


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