Late Night

After my work, I went out of my room and saw my mother at the table eating some fishballs, prawns and a glass of dark opaque liquid. I asked her what it was and as it turns out, it was brandy and honey with iced tea. So I made my own drink — a tablespoon of honey, 1/3 brandy and 2/3 iced tea. It was good! I had missed this bittersweet concoction. I drink with my friends but the truth is I don’t like to drink much. The company I get with my friends and the soft buzz to sleep with is enough for me. And here I am, typing right now with lesser inhibition and coordination and I can say that I had missed this so much. :) Well, can’t drink and blog now because my sister and I will be having a movie marathon now which I had missed more!:)

See you tomorrow!


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