I am still undecided whether to buy Samsung S3, iPhone 5, iPod touch or iPod nano. They all have different specs and it’s just really up to the user which ones would be prioritized.  I am thinking that I would leave my texting to my trusted Huawei cellphone so it won’t be such a heart pumping event to text on the street, so that leaves iPod touch and nano. iPod touch has everything I need, except radio which only the iPod nano has and on the other hand  though iPod nano has music, radio and video, it doesn’t have camera and games.
The only thing I hate about Androids is that it lags. Aside from that, they are good in my book. When it comes to apple products, I could say that I like their over all package but the price is not consumer friendly. So now, I still cannot decide which one to buy.

HAHA! Yeah, day dreaming again. :) As if I have a cent to buy those gadgets. But hey, there’s no harm in dreaming right? And right now the things I want to buy for myself (one day) are the ones giving me inspiration to work right now. But of course, I think when the time comes that I already have the money to buy them I’d still think twice. Haha. :)

I still have a cough and a cold right now and I don’t have the appetite to eat so I’m just staying steady here, not moving or thinking too much, conserving my energy. I am also looking for jobs yet again for a change in routine and updating my résumé to give out for these new jobs.
I still have a tutoring job later on, I never thought I’d get bored doing this job. Maybe it’s because I’m bored here at home that’s why I feel bored working here also. Maybe a change of venue would help me on this one.




I feel like craaaaaap. I hate this.




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