Sick at Friday Night

I had a cold two days ago, and now I have cough. Can’t wait to get over this illness so I can’t go out of the house and watch movies with my friends. :( Right now, I am editing my imported posts from blogger re-reading my old posts. It’s funny how one person’s thinking change over the years :)
Right now I like to sit on a blanket somewhere where there’s a view and eat a Yellow Cab pizza. I wonder where’s this place. I just want to spend time (again) with my babyboy so I could get better sooner. He’s my medicine. No, seriously, when you are with the person you love, your body releases hormones and stuff which can actually make you feel better. :)
A while ago I was feeling energetic and now I just want to lie down and sleep. I still have 300+ posts to edit and I’m wondering when will I ever finish them. It’s Friday today for gadsakes! And I’m stuck at home, coughing my lungs out. -_-

Ugh. I wish for some comfort food right now.. :(



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