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I searched to and fro about Blogger Vs. WordPress and I’ve come up with a lot of things. So to settle it once and for all, I have tried and compared it myself. First things first, there are two kinds of WordPress: .COM and .ORG. I am talking about .COM here. :)

And of course, since I’m a homegrown blogspot kid so you might say that I am biased so here’s a fresh perspective on the matter aside from everything else I’ve already found on the web.
WordPress Blogger
Starting a new blog:
  1. It’s easy to start a wordpress blog. I was quite confused though with “Username” and “Display Name”. The username is the one you use to log in and this name is unique from all the names in WordPress. In short, chances are, the name you want to use is already taken. Don’t fret though, the name that’s going to be seen publicly around WordPress is your Display name, which you can change anytime you like.
  2. Choosing a URL is also quite a problem for me. Of course, no two URLs can be alike and so thinking of a new spunky name for my blog was a drag. Not only because it’s hard but also because all the other cool ones are taken already. And in WordPress, once a user already registers a URL, it cannot be used by anybody else even if she deletes the blog from the face of planet. So, that was quite frustrating for me.
  1. The sad thing though was that it was already a long time ago when I made my blog so I’m not sure what I went through. But I’m quite sure it’s almost the same with WordPress due to the universal URL and Username physics of the internet.
  2. I got confused with Google’s account settings. Because I had a youtube account which is different from my blogger account and I realized then that I can’t merge the two. That was a problem for me back then so I had to just comprise and delete my old youtube account. So, be careful when using Google accounts.
Learning the tools and settings: The control panel of WordPress looks complicated but you’ll get used to the basic controls easily, mastering the special tools, though, is another story. There’s this one thing I’ve also observed. When you have multiple blogs on your WordPress, it’s a little confusing because you have two settings that has the same name but different locations. Also, there’s a horizontal menu and vertical menu on left side so you have to explore each of them to master the settings. I’d say the tools in blogger are much easier to learn. Not only because they have a simple Settings panel but also because they only have one Settings panel. You can control your blog posts, theme, and account in one vertical control panel.
Customizing your blog: Customizing a WordPress blog is diferent from customizing a blogger blog. You see, WordPress is like an iPhone. You cannot control a lot of things in it like the ringtones, wallpapers etc., unless you jailbreak it.  It’s like a closed unit. With WordPress, you only have a limited number of themes and you do not have access to the html/css area so 1. You cannot search the web for other cool themes and 2. You cannot customize their default themes further, unless you pay.So this was a big let down for me. If the theme doesn’t allow customizations of backgrounds and fonts, you cannot do anything about it. You just use it as it is. Customizing a blogger blog is like going inside a mall and going out a different person. The selection of themes are endless because of the availability of themes on the web which you can use. Furthermore, after selecting the theme you like, you can tweak it further down to the font of your footer because you have access to the html/css of your theme. Also with the Template designer, you can adjust the width of your sidebar easily or change to three or two columned blog instantly.
Putting in widgets: This was a big let down for me. In WordPress, you will not be able to insert html codes and iframe as widgets. You have the basic sidebar widgets like calendar, blogroll, tag cloud and search but if you like to put an external iframe code for you instagram photos, it would be impossible. You might like this setting if you don’t like a lot of things on your sidebar or footer area because you’d have a clean and simply blog page. But if you’d change you mind later on, there’s nothing in WordPress that would let you insert external widgets. I got no problem here when it comes to blogger. Aside from the basic necessities you need for a sidebar like a search function, photo/text area, tags and archives, you also have the choice of putting customized and external HTML codes. See my calendar archives and instagram slideshow. :)
Making a blog post: From two straight let downs, WordPress gets a big point on this one. I like the way you can have “Categories” for your blog posts aside from having tags.  You also get to choose whether you want your blog post to be a sticky post which means it gets to stick at top of you page all the time. And one thing I really really love is that it has a “Pasword Protected” option that you can choose, wherein the reader must have your password so they can read what’s inside. It also has a featured image option, an on-the-fly new post option and a gallery and slideshow option if you have a lot of photos on your post. I can say that there are a lot of functions here that I love. :) In making a blogger post, you get the basic options for a post. You get to put a tag which is called a “Label”. In inserting photos, it doesn’t have the slideshow or gallery option but uploading and dragging them around the blog post are easier than wordpress. Aside from that, there’s nothing special in making a blog post in blogger.
SEO: I’m not sure which one really is SEO friendly so I’ve decided to put this here on my blogger and also in WordPress. So you are either reading this in WordPress or in Blogger. Either way, you got your answer. :)

The points I’ve written are the ones important for me. Now, you might want to know which is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly between the two, but that’s just not important for me.

Now that you’ve seen some of my experiences between WordPress and Blogger, it’s up to you to decide where you want to start your blog. The truth is, it just really boils out to one thing — personal preference.

I hope I’ve shed some light to your confusion and have given you new things to think about in picking your blog.  Well, good luck! And remember, it’s not always about the blog platform, or the theme, or the widgets. It’s all about the content. See you around!:)


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