Jonas Brothers' 2012 Concert in Manila

Jonas Brothers’ 2012 Manila Concert

Nick Jonas 2012

Nicholas Jerry Jonas (Courtesy of

My sister was ecstatic when she learned that the Jonas Brothers would visit Manila this October. She’s been saving for months just in case her idols would visit, and her dreams came true when the brothers finally came. The only problem was, all her savings was spent for school works and projects, so she had to ask my mother for money. And when she asked if she could go my mother craftily said, she’d allow her if I accompany her. “No way!” was my initial reaction. What would I do there?! Okay, I admit that I do have a crush on Nick Jonas, but it’s not enough for me to bear going in an enclosed area of screaming teenagers! But of course,  my sister never got tired of asking me and kept on persisting that I accompany her and so, I had to say yes in the end. What do I got to lose anyway?

We had fun, but I’d say not as much fun as I would have in an Eminem concert. :3

The morning of  October 19, I had to get up early to fetch for the tickets we’re suppoed to use. The funny things was,  our mother suddenly decided to come with us so we’d just have to wait for her till she comes home and we’ll all but the tickets together at MOA Arena. Do you know how awkward that is? To go to a concert with your mother? That wasn’t my dream concert to go to anyway, so it was luckily none of my problems.

Jonas Brothers in Manila 10.19.12

We arrived at MOA arena 20 minutes shy of 8 and as expected there were teenagers and unexpectedly, parents. We bought tickets and went inside to buy snacks. We ate overpriced burgers and went to the top of the Arena because we only bought General Admission tickets for 500 something pesos. The arena was half full and Ana Maria started singing as an opening act. The people were enjoying her songs because she really has a very nice voice, she even sang in perfect Tagalog, but deep inside people were already bummed out and wanted the main event to start. I enjoyed a little even though I cannot see anything form where we were sitting! She sang everyone’s favorite OPM songs and entertained us for 30 minutes or so. One thing I observed was that people went  to concerts to watch the thing, but as soon as it starts, cellphones starts coming out and so what happens is that they are watching live concert on their pixelated little screens. Where’s the logic in that? You can’t even move because then the video would be blurred and so you have to sit or stand still. In a concert. Fun.

I sometimes watch JB’s concerts on youtube with my sister and so I know how they put out a great show. Personally, I didn’t like their concert that night because I don’t think they had fun at all. They look tired or fed up or both so I don’t know, it was not that good for me. It’s a different story for my sister though, she enjoyed it. She stood and sang and shouted and just enjoyed herself even if the people around her (i.e., My mother and I) were buzz kills. I was proud of her bravery and for her determination to enjoy the concert . Though I did stood and sang with her when the brothers sang songs I liked, with the other 80% of the show, I  just sat down and ate popcorn. Well, you can’t blame me, they were not my idols.  Anyhow, the concert was over in 2 hours or so and we started to go home. As it was already past 10, most of the fastfood chains were already closed in MOA so we had to go towards the back where the restaurants are located and picked TGI Fridays to get it over with.  I ordered Sizzling Chicken Fajitas, my mother ordered coffee and my sister ordered Chicken and fries.

It was all in all a very pleasant day to spend with my mother and sister. I was happy that my mother experienced watching a concert with us (and confirmed that other parents also watch over their children during a concert), I was happy that my sister had seen her idols’ first ever concert here in the Philippines and that she felt fulfilled and as for me, as long as my stomach is happy, I am happy. :)

The ultimate Jonas fan


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