Guess what?
I was already walking on thin ice for the out of town thing, and when I have finally mustered up the courage to do so, I went out of my room only to find out that our dog peed on my mother’s bed. She’s angry!
I have no idea how the dog got it. All I know is that I left the door closed! And now, I cannot ask permission anymore because she might still be mad about the incident. What are the odds of that??

Speaking of odds, I a woman called me this morning to ask me about my Canadian immigration application. I have completely forgotten about that because I just applied to try it out, and I thought that it wasn’t true. Now she sent me an e-mail with the application form on it that I was supposed to fill out. I am still thinking about that though.
Now here comes an e-mail about me receiving 250 pesos worth of credit to spend on an online voucher of my choice. I’ve been wanting to learn another language and so I spent it on an online language school. In return, I got 3 months subscription worth a thousand pesos or so. Good deal huh? So guess what language I would study?

Hmm. Is this some kind of a whisper dear Lord? I hope so, because it’s fun talking to you! :)
Well, off to my class now.


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