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Learning a New Kind of French

French Flag


Aside from french bread, french fries and french kiss, I want to learn a new kind of french — the language. I’m all out to learn this new language and I don’t know how long this would take me, but I am willing to try. Right now, I am trying out this website I have recently learned about – Lingq, and it seems helpful. So far I have learned around 10 words, and that is only because some of them are similar to English words like: langue, grammaire and apprendrez. So to take on this impossible task, I have researched the web on how to learn French and I came up with some tips which I’d like to try.

  1. To label things around the house using French words.
  2. To make a habit of learning the meaning instead of translation
  3. To learn from a French speaking person through talking or chatting.
  4. Allot a time for it a day and try to use it in any way I can.

And I have realized that what better way to learn a new language than start from the very beginning like the way I learned English?
Welcome to nursery for me!
First would be the alphabet and numbers, then shapes and colors. I would try and see if I can go to a language school here, but I doubt that because I’m not sure my mother would fund that, and because I don’t have time for it. I think..
Okay, here’s to babysteps!


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