Bored and Hoping

Right now, I am actually in the middle of my working hours. I am a home-based English tutor and I don’t have a student right now that’s why I can blog. I can say that whatever’s the task in front me, I can do it and finish it with flying colors. The problem is, I get bored easily so I think, I need to have another job now. It’s fun to have a lot of free time for me to do the things I like, but after some time, it gets lonely. My sister isn’t home to accompany me on movie marathons because she is in school. My facebook, twitter and tumblr is quiet because everybody is either at school or at work too. So, I think, home-based jobs are overrated for a girl in her 20’s bursting with energy, with no children to take care of  and with social needs. I guess, I’ll just be getting my driver’s license while I still have the time and then, go and look for another job. :)

I still haven’t asked my mother about the trip. Every hour my heart keeps sinking deeper and deeper because I really want to go and enjoy my day there. But I cannot get myself to ask my mother because I already know what she’ll say — “No way in hell.” (not in those exact words). And I know that for a fact because if ever I’d have a daughter and she’d ask me if she can go on an overnight trip with his boyfriend, I’d probably say the same — “No way in hell.” (In those exact words). But of course,  I cannot skip trying for permission because I had promised myself that from now on, I’d live my life to its fullest so that when I get old and gray, I’d have a smile on my face while I tell my grandchildren how crazy their grandma was on the prime of her life. :)
So here I am, telling myself that the plan is probably spoiled but is still optimistic about it. I’d negotiate the two days and 1 night to  just a day trip when it comes to it, and just use the other free day of mine to go to a salon and treat myself for a girl’s day out before my birthday. I’m turning 23 this year and changes are about to begin — I hope.


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