See What Is To See

The more you try to forget something, the more it’s burned into your brain. The more you want to remember something, the more you forget. I think my body needs some tweaking because I know there’s something wrong there.

Sometimes I think that it’s better to love a material thing. For example, your shoes, your bags or your books. At least you know that it can’t love you back. You don’t get concerned about it, go ahead and cover it to protect it only for it to jump to your face and smack you with its plastic covered paperback face. You don’t expect your bag to swallow its pride and call you after a big fight, just because it can’t sleep and needs to make up with you. And your shoes? It doesn’t let you down. You just get what you see because if it says it’s a wedge, it’s a wedge. It doesn’t turn into flats after some time.

Have you ever lay down and feel your chest burn into the mattress that you wonder if your heart is melting on your bed sheets?

I can’t sleep

and I can’t forget.

And it’s 7:45 in the morning.


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