Our printer is working again! Though I don’t have an inkling (can’t help it, sorry) why it broke.
Anyhoo that’s not the reason why I am here. Last night I made a post about how I defeat myself most of the time, and it kind of woke me up. Maybe just the mere fact that I told my embarrassing problem to you helped me to face it. So now (I woke up earlier than usual! yey me!), I made a pact with myself to do things and to do them now. I have to sit down and talk to myself some more about this, but at least now I have a little spark that would run the engine. Hopefully, this runs the engine better and longer in the long run. I have high hopes for it, and I wish, the cosmos would help me achieve this goal of mine.

First step I think, is to allow time for everything. I hate planning my week, much more planning my day but I think a  trial week would have to do since I still have my whole lifetime to fuck over.
Ooohh, and yes, sorry but I curse on my blog now. It surprises me that I’ve been blogging for a long time now and yet I still don’t know the identity of my blog. I know its me, but which me? Ahh, that, I have to think about the next time. I believe that we are the product of every people we encounter, and since my blog is on its teenage years — seeking identity, I’d have to introduce several blogs to myself so I’d have and idea which road this blog would like travel.
And going back to my train of though. I’d have to tick off one thing on my to-do list — give this printed document to my uncle since he’s been waiting for it since last week.
Yes! One down! Three thousand fifty four to go!

I just realized, nope, I didn’t go back to my train of thought. That was another train altogether!

I just skipped on my signature so I could use “P.S”. This isn’t ink and paper. I can move my signature anywhere I want!

How do you use “P.S.” on a computer anyway??


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